Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Driver!

It is an exciting day at our house.  J now has a learner’s permit!

He realized a few weeks ago that he could take his learner’s permit test on June 7.  We hadn’t talked about it much, but he checked into it.  He was quite excited about it.  

He has studied the road signs.  He has read the manual.  He has taken the practice tests.  His realization is that most of the information is common sense.  Because we are on the road a lot and there are a lot of crazy drivers in our area, he has witnessed a lot of bad driving.  What may be common sense to him is obviously missing in the majority of the drivers here.  

It’s an exciting time period in our house.  We are cherishing all of the moments that are fast approaching.  I am looking forward to him getting his license so he can take over some of the driving responsibilities.  You know what that means?  More time for mom to be on the couch with chocolate!!

PS:  I just went out with him on a practice drive.  We have a large empty parking lot near us, so he practices there.  He did drive through the parking lot to the grocery store.  He’s doing well for a new driver.

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