Friday, September 26, 2014

Minnesota, Bonus Time, and Schedule Changes

The Senior:  S is enjoying his time in Minnesota.  He has been visiting family and friends.  He has been to the lake.  He attended his cousin's football game where my nephew injured his elbow; however, it isn't broken! Very thankful for that.  He has been playing games with family members. He has watched some World War II DVDS from The Great Courses and the America at War series that he brought to Minnesota (checking off a little bit of schoolwork). 

And, the whole reason for going to Minnesota right now....

I'm so thankful that he is homeschooled, so he has the opportunity to go and do these things.  

Volunteering:  This weekend S will be participating in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light the Night walk at Target Field.  He will walk with my sister and nephews in honor of my brother-in-law (a leukemia survivor) and my grandma (a lymphoma survivor).  I'm so glad he has the opportunity to do that with them.

The Sophomore:  It has been a busy school week.  J had a lot of AP History that was supposed to be due this week.  He has been working diligently on it.  We thought he might miss a day of practice to finish everything; however, the two big assignments were moved to next week.  He's breathing a little easier.  He has one of them already done.  

He had a Spanish oral assignment to do this week.  We are amazed at how far he has come in Spanish.  He is enjoying this teacher; however, he is glad that this will be his last year.  The mere suggestion of taking Spanish IV next year gets a little bit of the teenage eye roll in return. PE is the one class he doesn't care for which is very funny considering how many hours/week he spends in the gym for gymnastics.

J is in an Art Magnet program. This year he is taking Photography which is his favorite class. They are in the darkroom doing activities.  Apparently, he has finished his darkroom activities, so he is doing class work now. Next week, they are getting the cameras out. They use cameras with film, so that will be fun for him.

Practice:  He had 14 hours of practice this week.  He is taking tonight off to attend his school's Homecoming football game.  We received this season's meet schedule.  Looking forward to that. The team will be participating in a new meet this year.  It's always fun to attend the meets.  

J's former coach from his previous gym (she also coached at his current gym for 1 year) is back in the area and helping at the gym when needed.  Her parents lives about 6 blocks away from us. When she works, she has been taking J to and from practice.  That has been so nice for us!  We have bonus time at home.  The one night I just kept saying, "We have 5 bonus hours!"

On the Homefront:  We have been busy working on our to-do list.  Good thing because my husband found out on Wednesday that his shoulder surgery which was scheduled for October 29 is being moved to October 1.  Yep!  Next week.  Be flexible!  

This past week we ordered fireplace logs.  We are having our fireplace converted to gas logs. We had the workers out who will install them to give us an estimate. This is one household project that is coming in way under budget (about half the price we anticipated). The window people were at our house to give us an estimate for our broken window.  Fortunately, these things are all scheduled outside of the surgery date so we don't have to move anything around.

This weekend we will be finishing up a few tasks around the house and relaxing on the couch with chocolate.

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