Friday, December 5, 2014

The Busiest Week of the Year

This is it.  We made it to our family’s busiest week of the year.  It is birthday week.  It is gymnastics week - J’s gym hosts a meet and my husband and I have a fairly large job for some of the "before the meet" work.  We have company - thank goodness because they are helpful.

The Senior
He is now an adult.  He turned 18 on Wednesday!  He took the day off from school.  We went out for breakfast and went to a History museum.  He was supposed to attend Youth Group, but he wasn’t feeling 100%.  He stayed home, and we played games.


Even though it was birthday week, he still had some schoolwork he needed to do.  He did a College Algebra assessment and assessed at 51%.  He is wrapping up his World War II unit. This will be done before Christmas.  Next week, after our company leaves, he will start writing his research paper which will be done before Christmas (or else he will be working on it when we are in Minnesota).
S starts his new session of horseback riding today. He has a noon riding slot which is going to be much easier on all of us.

He did not volunteer this week, but he did send in his November hours along with his wish list for December hours.  He won’t get a lot of hours in this month.

The Sophomore
J had a busy week.  This is a crazy week for him.  In addition to school and practice, there is a little more buzz in the gym since his team is hosting a meet.  

J turned in his English project Monday and presented that day.  He was one of two kids to turn it in.  He had to stay after school on Tuesday to retake a math test.  This just really threw his schedule off.  He doesn’t have a lot of time in between school and practice as it is.  That extra hour didn’t help; however, he needed to retake the test.  Enough said about that!

The remainder of the week has been spent doing homework and trying to get caught up after losing the hour on Tuesday.  He did it!  I hope he doesn’t have a lot of homework this weekend, so he can enjoy the meet and his birthday.

J had practice 14 hours this week.  No practice tonight since they are set up for the meet.  We are going to watch the college gymnasts at an intrasquad meet which will be fun.  J feels practice went well.  He feels he has worked on improving the things he had trouble with at the last meet.  

Prior to meets, we tell him 3 things:  1.  Have fun!  2.  Do your best!  3.  Set goals for yourself -whether it is trying a new skill or improving a score.  That’s it.  

We are looking forward to the meet.  It is a lot of fun.

On the Homefront
We had a nice weekend at the beach.  It was very relaxing.  It was chilly on Friday and Saturday, but Sunday was very nice.  I think the pictures speak for themselves.



We ate Duck Donuts, played games, watched movies, took naps, read, attended church, played around at Jockey’s Ridge, and went to Jennette’s Pier and Kitty Hawk Kites.  

My mom finally has started to feel better.  Thank goodness for that!  We have had a nice time. They know when they come to visit at this time of year that we are quite busy.  They are here to help, and they are very helpful.  They will run errands, help cook, clean the leaves out of my yard (which they are doing right now), whatever is needed.  It is very nice to have extra hands and drivers.  [My mom is now trying to help alter a new pair of pants that S received for his birthday to accommodate having to go over his AFOs.  He really likes how they fit, but he can’t get them pulled back down over his AFOs.]
My husband had 3 PT appointments this week. He is recovering well from his shoulder surgery.

This weekend will be all about gymnastics.  J competes Saturday night.  On Sunday morning, my husband, J, and I will be working the meet.  It is also J’s birthday on Sunday.  

Sometime this weekend, J’s Chocolate Ganache birthday cake will be made.  He likes to bake, so he will make his own cake (his choice).  I made sure we have all the necessary ingredients.  He made S’s Hugs and Chips Cheesecake birthday “cake”.

Here’s a picture of a little bit of deliciousness that I found at Trader Joe’s this week.  It has been a big hit at my house.

It has been a busy week here, and it will be a busy weekend; however, I will find a few minutes to be on the couch with chocolate.  Enjoy!

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  1. Wow - what a busy week. I have to ask - what is a Duck Donut? Please tell me it doesn't involve an actual duck??

    I am also curious to know where you will be visiting in Minnesota - I happen to live in the Twin Cities.

    1. Duck Donuts are delicious. You can check them out at Quite yummy! We are going to Montevideo (west central part of the state). We are hoping for "nice" weather.

  2. Now that is definitely a busy week. lol :)

  3. That sounds like a busy but nice week and I can't wait to check out to find out what they are!!

  4. That is a busy week, but quite productive too! I have a gymnast too and meet season will be starting for us in the 20th with our gym hosting too. We say the same 3 things yo our gymnast, with #1 being our most important point.

  5. Happy birthday to S! He's a handsome young man! I miss going to the beach every summer. We used to live 3 blocks from the ocean in NJ. My parents also had a hotel one block from the ocean so we always went back every summer even after we moved away.

  6. Happy 18th! What's your favorite kind of chocolate? I like dark chocolate with salted dulce de leche.