Friday, December 19, 2014

(Almost) Ready for Christmas!

Yeah! Most of us made it to Christmas break.  S has not finished writing his research paper, so he will be finishing that in Minnesota. He had a good outline, and he had good notes. He didn't make good use of his time. (We were really hoping his ADD hyperfocus would kick in. It just did in the wrong areas. He started looking up more information when he already had enough, and he started jumping down rabbit holes on the Internet.) There is the off chance that it could be finished before we fly out today but......

I hope he gets it done soon so he can enjoy his break because reality is coming back to this homeschool in January.  He needs to finish up the last half of his senior year.  I spent some time this week going over school plans for the remainder of the school year. [I don't want to come home and have to do that.] S will be continuing his College Algebra course, finishing up his Human Eye 1 course, writing another research paper (Low Vision), moving on in Modern History, and working on German IV. The end is in sight! I have it on paper!

J is at school for his last day before break.  I REALLY hope he doesn’t have homework over break.  I think know he is hoping the same thing. He had a lot of work and tests this week, so we are hoping that means no work over break.

On Wednesday, S picked up his Smart Drive for his wheelchair and had some parts replaced on his chair (a few safety features like brakes, seatbelt, etc).  His new Smart Drive is pretty cool.  He had to go to the parking lot to demonstrate various skills with it.  He is now Smart Drive certified.  It was like taking a driver’s test.  There was a checklist of skills he needed to demonstrate. I told our wheelchair rep that S needs a “Student Driver” flag flying from the back of his chair.

We are flying to Minnesota tonight for the holidays.  It will be crazy busy while we are there. All of our family lives in Minnesota with the exception of my husband’s niece who attends graduate school out of state, and she will be back also.  We will see everyone.  

December is a very busy month for us.  Although we are busy, we take time to have fun together.  Both boys had birthdays. J’s gym hosted a gymnastics meet.  My parents were here for 2 weeks. Our dog was sick (okay, he had diarrhea) and spent a night at the vet clinic.  We rang the bells for Salvation Army.  We had Christmas gatherings to attend.  We are getting ready to go to Minnesota for 2 weeks.  There were Christmas movies to be watched here and some that will be watched in Minnesota.

Our December in pictures

Some favorite December beverages.  My husband and I lived in Germany for 3 years, so the beverage on the right was a favorite at the Christmas markets.

Top: Our dog, Spotz, was cooperative wearing his Christmas pajamas.
Bottom:  Resting after his stay at the vet clinic.

S working hard to finish up an assignment.  Why not lay on the floor to work?

No words needed.

J makes Oreo truffles for Christmas parties.

Two milestone birthdays:  18 and 16

Ringing the bells

My poor tree! The top lights are out now. We will have a new tree next year. There is no theme for our ornaments other than the history of our lives. There may be some chocolate themed ornaments on the tree also.

My Family
Our Christmas card picture - Aruba

My favorite picture
Who needs elf on a shelf?  I have something better - a husband with a great sense of humor and a son who can work magic with his camera and a computer.

We are ready for Christmas.  We are going to enjoy time with family and friends.  We are going to celebrate the reason for the season.  As I enjoy time on the couch with chocolate, I wish you a Merry Christmas!

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  1. Merry Christmas, and enjoy your trip! :)

  2. You guys have accomplished so much! I'm sure you'll get those last few assignments done soon! Have a wonderful holiday with your family! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love all the Christmas jammies!