Friday, May 1, 2015

T Week: To do, Trip, Transition

The Senior
S has been busy working this week on his two remaining classes:  English and German IV. For English, he is still doing daily journaling and editing along with his To Kill a Mockingbird literature study.

S's inclination is to sleep in every morning, but that won't help him finish his work.  There is a balance there.  He was better about getting up once he looked at a calendar and realized he might not be finished by the target ending date.  “In order to get your work done, you must get up in the morning and work without distracting yourself.”  He has heard this a time or two thousand.

S took some time off Tuesday afternoon to watch some live stream sessions from a work conference that my husband was working/facilitating.  He enjoyed that.

S went to Youth group Wednesday night.  We are lucky that we have friends from church who live near us whose son also attends youth group.  They picked S up and brought him home. He had to wait to come home until their son was done with music practice after youth group. He didn't care as long as he could get to youth group.  

He had horseback riding this morning.  This weekend he isn't volunteering.  We are going to take some time and try to finish up some tasks on his to-do list which include contacting people and coordinating some appointments.

The Sophomore
J had kind of a crazy week.  I had to pull him out of school Tuesday for a couple of hours to go to the Orthodontist.  He had a bar put on his bottom teeth, and he finally heard the magic words, "We are almost done."  So almost done that we have scheduled the appointment for "debanding". Yeah!!!  

He came home from school Tuesday afternoon and the bar was already loose.  Back to the Orthodontist we went.  The staff member who needed to fix it wasn't there, so he had to go back Thursday morning.  He missed a little bit of school again.

He has been doing AP History review.  He had a math test, Chemistry test, and Spanish quiz this week.  He took his final test for Drivers Ed, so now we can look at scheduling his behind the wheel instruction once he gets his “green card”.  Unfortunately, I don't think he can do that until July.  It would have been nice for him to finish that before school was out.  

J had practice for 17.5 hours this week.  They are working skills and conditioning.

On the Homefront
Last weekend we sat down and planned a tentative route/timeline for our trip to Minnesota this summer.  We are driving.  We never drive there.  We fly.  The boys are NOT excited about the road trip.  They don't really believe us when we say it will be fun.  We are driving because we have to transport the items for S's graduation party.  Also, we are going to do some college visits for J on the way.  He is going to tour the University of Minnesota and possible the University of Iowa.  S may go visit another college too.

We also went to Busch Gardens on Sunday.  They have a new roller coaster, Tempesto, that opened last weekend, and the boys really wanted to go try it.  It was quite chilly and rainy here, but Sunday afternoon it cleared up and warmed up a little bit.  Off we went.  I did not ride it. Just watching it made me want to throw up.  My husband, J, and S rode it.  S has always been the daredevil and thrill seeker, but one time on this ride was enough for him.  It is, however, J's new favorite ride.  He and my husband rode again.  S and I bought popcorn and a pretzel and enjoyed that instead.  There are a couple of roller coasters I do ride there, so I had the opportunity for some fun also.  My husband told me he felt bad that I had to sit there while they rode.  I told him that was a much better option than me riding and throwing up (motion sickness).

After a fairly relaxing weekend, it was a busy week for us.  My husband was up in Washington DC for four days for a work conference.  He was quite busy.  I was busy since he was gone.  I had drop off/pick up for three days.  He was home in time Thursday night for pick up.

Because my husband was gone, I had a lot of time to spend at Starbucks this week since I stayed while J was at practice.  It gave me the opportunity to create a very detailed to-do list for everyone and for S's graduation party.


J told me that he appreciates my very detailed to-do lists.  My husband said, “You know what S will say.”  Oh yes, I do.  Yesterday, he told me what we knew he would say.  “I think it’s funny that you get to sit and create to-do lists for everyone else, but where’s your to-do list?”  There is a story there that involves a broken arm, surgery, and an 8 month recovery.

I spent time getting needed addresses for invitations.  I also used this time to look up some information for myself about things I might want to do as I make my transition from a homeschooling mom to mom.

What did I write this week?

I will be on the couch with chocolate and my many lists.

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  1. I'll bet S will catch up on his work soon enough! I'll also bet that J is thrilled to be almost done with the orthodontist! I can't ride any rides without throwing up! Not even the ferris wheel, but I do just enjoy spending time outside watching the kids have fun!!