Friday, July 10, 2015

Getting ready for college

The past week has been quite busy for S as he is checking things off his to-do list for college.  

*As I am writing this, he and my husband are meeting with the Assistive Technology person through DBVI to figure out what assistive technology he will need/use during college.

*S attended New Student Experience (NSE) at the community college the other afternoon.  My husband took him and said there was good information given.

*S paid his tuition the other day, so he is officially registered for Fall semester classes.

*S bought his books for his classes.  Welcome to the reality of college expenses!

*S tried to get his student ID and parking permit, but he can’t do that until July 20.  (He doesn’t drive, but the parking permit fee is already included in his student fees.  If he paid for it, we will get it.)

*At the New Student Experience, S met a lady who runs a program at the college that he is interested in.  He applied to be part of this federally funded program that serves low income, first generation college students, and/or students who have disabilities.

*S purchased his bag for school.  (This might have to be its own post some day.  There is a lot of thought that goes into how he gets things from A to B and how he can maneuver himself to utilize the bag.)

*My husband realized that S needs to be on campus more often prior to classes starting to figure out how to get around.  With his Low Vision, he can’t see the signs on the buildings.  It’s also not just a matter of finding the buildings, he has to find the handicapped accessible doors/ramps into the building.  My husband said they received a really good map at NSE that shows a lot of that information.  S is good with maps.  He just has a poor sense of direction.  He can always ask for help.
*S still needs to get a copy of his schedule to the Disabled Student Services Office. He has already met with them to set up his accommodations for his classes.

It’s been busy at our house!  You will find me on the couch with chocolate and air conditioning.  It has been HOT here this week!

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  1. It's getting closer and closer to the day you will have a kid in college! That parking permit might come in handy someday, anyway! I wouldn't mind reading a post about his bag. I find that kind of thing interesting! Thinking about S maneuvering around campus sounds a little daunting. I wonder if the college would provide an aide to help him find his way around until he gets the hang of it.

  2. College is closer than it appears for me.