Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Overheard at the Beach

One weekend, my husband, J, and I were at the beach while S was volunteering.  My husband was walking along the water's edge while J and I were sitting under the beach umbrella relaxing.  While we were sitting there, we heard this conversation take place among the family sitting near us.

Daughter holding a plastic shovel:  "I just dug [brother's name] a port-a-potty."
Mom:  "What?"

At this point, their attention and our attention was drawn to the water's edge where the little boy was at the edge of the hole his sister just dug tugging on his swimsuit. We weren't sure if he was getting ready to pull his swimsuit down or pulling it up.

J and I sat there and laughed!  It was funny on so many different levels.  The best part was that it wasn't my kids who were doing something like that.

I will be sitting on the couch with chocolate and laughing at this memory.

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