Friday, August 1, 2014

Random 5 on Friday

1.  My youngest son flew to Minnesota for his annual “alone” trip to visit family (his brother will go in a few weeks).  He always has a great time, but he will be tired when he gets home.  My husband is a little jealous because J gets to attend a Twins game while he is there.  

2.  My church family is awesome!  We have been hosting VBS this past week, and it is so nice to see everyone pull together and pour everything they have into teaching these children about God.  I love hearing the parents’ comments at the end of each evening!  I’m looking forward to our closing service on Sunday morning.

3.  My husband is amazing!  I head up Registration for VBS, but I couldn’t do it without his support and technical expertise.  Every year he has to give me a quick refresher in Excel spreadsheets. He is there to do whatever needs to be done.  His favorite quote is from “Robots” - “See a need, fill a need.”

4.  Just found out Wednesday night that longtime Army friends of our family might be coming to visit next weekend!  Very exciting!  We have some scheduling things we have to work out, but I hope it works.  Our families have a great time together, and it might get a little loud. There may/may not be a wild game of Pictionary played in which people may/may not laugh at my drawings.

5.  After this crazy, busy week, we are looking forward to hanging out with S.  Think we might head up to Richmond to visit the Holocaust Museum and do a self-guided tour of VCU.

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