Thursday, January 1, 2015

Our New Year's Words

Happy New Year!  Welcome 2015!  In honor of the new year, each member of my family has decided to pick a word for the year instead of resolutions.  We figured a word would be easier to follow throughout the year.

This is my husband's word for 2015.  He wants to be more disciplined in various areas of his life.  He feels this word best describes what he wants to accomplish.

This is my word for 2015.  I want to become better about staying in touch with people - family, friends, people from my church who are sick, etc..  I want to go "old school" and send cards and letters in the mail. Astonishing!  

This is S's word for 2015.  We feel it is a very fitting word for him since he is a senior, and he needs to practice/show independence in a number of areas in his life.

This is J's word for the year.  He wants to have less stress and less worries in his life.  

Although we each picked our own word for the year, we can all benefit from each other's words.  We can all use more discipline in our lives.  We can all work on communicating with each other especially away from electronic devices.  We will all support S in his quest for independence, and J will work on becoming more independent also since he will get his driver's license this year.  We can all do with less.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!  We did.  We celebrated New Year's Eve by flying home to Virginia.  We were on our way home from the airport when the clock struck midnight.  Not the most exciting New Year's; however, we were all together.

You will find me enjoying time on the couch with chocolate and my family!

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