Thursday, August 27, 2015

What are the other kids doing?

"What are the other kids doing?"  This question has often been asked by S since he started PreK. He always wanted to do what the other kids were doing whether it was work, play, or activities.  

When he realized that a reduced work load was an accommodation being discussed in an IEP meeting, he was adamant that he was not having that. 
"What are the other kids doing? That is what I will do."

As he became older, he realized that he did do what the other kids were doing. He may have done it differently or it may have taken longer, but he did it.

Last year as we talked about S going to college we discussed the fact that he might have to start with a lighter load. "What? Is that what the other kids do when they start college?"  Some might.

We spent a lot of time talking about the pace of a college class, the work load, and the fact that we wanted him to be successful not frazzled. He did agree to start with 7 credits: Statistics, English Composition, and College Success Skills.

Two weeks into the semester and he understands why we wanted him to start with a lighter load.
1.  He has already decided that there is no way he can take 12 credits next semester.
2.  He has realized that he prefers morning class over afternoon class. He is not a morning person but he has realized the benefit of getting up and starting his day.
3.  He fully gets why he needs to stay on top of his homework, especially statistics.
"All I do is math homework." 
Yep. Welcome to college.
4.  He has also realized that he doesn't want to do what the other kids are doing which is not doing their homework. We keep telling him that all of his hard work now will pay off later (I hope that comes true).  

You will find me on the couch with chocolate and some wine as we help S study Statistics. There will be a celebration at our house when that class is finished!

(I managed to write this entire post on my phone while waiting to pick S up from his class.)


  1. I'm glad everything is going well and that S has learned how much of a workload he can realistically handle in order to remain successful! I'm also glad Rebekah waited to take Math until she moved out of the house!! Now her husband can listen to her whine about it!! LOL!!

    1. It has definitely been a learning experience for him. I told him I will treat him to a massage or a visit to the salt flotation tank when he passes Statistics. That will definitely be reward worthy. I am thinking I will need a massage when it is all over also :).