Friday, October 17, 2014

Medical, Field Trip, & College Talks

The Senior:  What a week this has been!  All kinds of things happening.  At the end of last week, we received notification that S’s PCM had been changed, and he had been moved out of Pediatrics.  We knew this would happen prior to his 18th birthday, but we had a plan for it; this was NOT our plan.  My husband was able to get some answers about it this week. Long story short, he was moved out of Pediatrics.

On Tuesday, we found out that COL Ed Shames from Easy Company (Band of Brothers) was going to be speaking at the Hampton History Museum on Wednesday.  What an amazing field trip! He is such a nice man and a wonderful speaker.  We could have stayed there all day.  He autographed books for us and made sure we had pictures taken - “Promise me you will send me a copy.”


On Thursday, S had an appointment with his Orthopedic Surgeon.  He hasn’t been good about his stretching this year.  Prior to his trip to Minnesota, we told him that they might talk about doing surgery again.  He told us while he was in Minnesota that he was stretching every day. He tells us this every year, and he hasn’t.  This time he did!  My mom said he told them he didn’t want to have surgery again.  Good!  KEEP STRETCHING!!!!!

His appointment went well other than waiting at X-ray for an hour.  He was told that since he is done growing he doesn’t have to go back to Orthopedics unless something is bothering him.  

After that appointment, we met with our DME representative and the lady at the hospital who makes it all happen for us.  As S is preparing to head off to college next year, we knew he needed to upgrade his mode of transportation.  He doesn’t want a power chair.  He was given a really cool alternative, so we are looking forward to that.  Some replacement parts were ordered for his current wheelchair too. There were some recommendations for college visits by these two people. So we will be looking at these schools to gather information.
This morning he had horseback riding, so it was another early morning for us.

S has been busy working on academics in between all of this other stuff.  He has been doing College Algebra, Grammar, World War II unit, Human Eye Lesson 1 (finally sent off Thursday night), German IV, and Foundations in Personal Finance. We also ran across National History Day.  S is interested in participating in that. Even though it is his senior year, we are still changing things.  Plan and adapt!

Our youth led 3 services at church on Sunday.  S participated.  He doesn’t hesitate to speak in front of the church; however, sometimes his body hesitates.  When his tone kicks in, his diaphragm locks up and he’s not able to speak.  He did well the first two services and locked up a little during third service.  He utilizes strategies he’s been taught in Speech, and he got through it. All of our youth did a great job!

He attended Youth Group Wednesday night.  It took a little bit of juggling around to get him there, but he made it.  It’s been a challenge getting everyone to the right places with my husband not being able to drive right now.  Thank goodness for great friends!

The other night we spent some time talking to S about college next year.  We know he is going to start at our local community college and transfer into a 4 year school when the time comes. We talked about different academic paths for him to pursue at the community college.  Right now, he is leaning towards an Associate's degree in Liberal Arts which allows him to pursue different interests and see what path might be a good one for him to follow.  We need to get him there for an “official” tour and meet with the Disabled Student Services office.

Volunteering:  S didn’t volunteer this week, but he did send in his requested hours for October. He will be volunteering 8 hours this weekend.

The Sophomore:  J had a busy week at school.  On Wednesday, he took the PSAT.  He said it was long.  He went to a Corn Maze last weekend and participated in our Youth Led Services at church also. He will be working on his Science Fair project this weekend.

Practice:  J practiced 17.5 hours this week.  His wrists are quite ripped up, so his coach kept him off rings and bars one night.  We ordered him a roll of moleskin tape to help protect his wrists.  It is ENORMOUS!  The picture didn’t show the roll in relation to anything.  I just laughed when we opened the box.

On the Homefront:  Same old, same old here.  My husband had Monday off.  He had a busy weekend, so he was quite tired.  He rested and then we did some cooking.  I have been busy driving everyone to their designated places.  Thursday morning, my husband had a 6:30 AM PT appt.  I asked him if he hated me.  We left from there, went home, picked up S, and headed to the Naval Hospital for his appointments.  There was a nap on my schedule that afternoon; however, that didn’t happen because S’s appointments ran late and long.  
The most exciting thing this week is we purchased tickets to see Casting Crowns at Carnegie Hall in January! I am so excited!!!!!

It’s been busy, so I will just be hanging out on the couch with chocolate.

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  1. It sounds like S is getting off to a great start in getting prepared for college, other than the stretching issues! Your plan sounds very similar to what ours was like for our special needs son. He started out taking a bus to a local community college and then transferred to a larger campus where he actually LIVED for two years! It was really hard for me not to worry about him, but he did well for the most part. He still has significant hording and hygiene issues. He graduated last May with a Bachelor's Degree! Thanks for joining in us at Friendship Friday! Please come again! I plan to look around here more as time allows!