Friday, October 3, 2014

Minnesota, ADHD Awareness Month, Bus Issues, and Surgery

The Senior:  S is still in Minnesota.  He flies home Tuesday night.  He is having a good time. He has made sure to tell me what kind of schoolwork he has been doing there, so I can record it.  He has watched the PBS series on The Roosevelts.  He has also been studying his vocabulary on for his Human Eye course which he needs to submit after he gets home.  He told me he is reading also.  

He also tells me he is stretching. We shall see....I emailed his former PT since my husband might get referred to their clinic (we hope so). His response to my update on S was "S and stretching. Well enough said about that topic."

He will be going with my sister-in-law this weekend until he flies home.  She lives near the Twin Cities, so I’m sure they will have some fun adventures.

While we are on the subject of S, it is ADHD Awareness Month. Here are links to a few posts I have written about S and his ADD: ADD Diagnosis, Life with ADD, and Happy ADHD Awareness Month. There are more coming this month.

Volunteering:  S participated in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk this past Sunday.  He enjoyed doing that.  

IMG_0757.jpg     IMG_0761.jpg

There was a volunteer appreciation dinner at the Casemate Museum which he missed since he is in Minnesota.  The volunteer coordinator had called to see if he was attending. Apparently, he has one of the top volunteer hour accumulations there.  That is awesome!

The Sophomore:  It was a busy week.  J finished all of his AP History homework.  Yeah for that!  I even received a thank you from him for having him work ahead on something because he had the time.  It was very kind and made me smile.

J tells me on a daily basis how he is going to quit PE.  I tell him it isn’t an option.  Back and forth, back and forth.  He told me he would skip PE (He was just kidding about this because he is a rule follower).  I told him if he skips a class he will miss gymnastics and he will see a side of his mother he doesn’t want to see.  He laughed.

Tuesday was an interesting day.  J told me Monday night that his bus has been coming a little earlier - around 6:22 instead of closer to 6:30.  We told him he needs to head outside a couple of minutes earlier.  Tuesday morning he did just that.  

At 6:40, I received the following text:

IMG_0848.jpg     IMG_0849.jpg

After my husband picked up J and 3 other friends to take them to school at 6:50, I took our dog out for a walk.  I saw the bus arrive at their stop at 7:08.  There were some phone calls made that morning.  Apparently, the bus broke down.  We understand that, but you need to let us know somehow.

Practice: J missed practice on Wednesday because my husband had surgery. He will have 14 hours of practice this week.  They are really working on fine tuning routines and skills.  He loves every minute in the gym.

On the Homefront:  Last weekend we finished up the honey-do list before my husband had shoulder surgery on Wednesday.  

His surgery went well.  It was about 3 hours long.  The surgeon showed me some pictures of what they did. It is amazing what they can do.  

I spent 7 hours at/near the hospital.  I had my Thirty-One bag full of things to do.  After they took my husband to the OR, I had to run over to the PX to get my husband a shirt to wear home.  At his Pre-Op, he was told to have loose clothing.  What they wanted was a button down shirt that would go over his sling and immobilizer.  That is a little different than just loose clothing.  

My husband is doing pretty well.  He had to start his exercises on Thursday, and his nerve block was wearing off.  He was in a little more pain; however, he is taking it easy and spending time in his chair.  I had to run back to the Orthopedic Clinic on Thursday to swap out his ice cooler since his was working erratically.  It’s all good now.  

I think this weekend will be one of relaxation.  I will be on the couch with chocolate!

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