Friday, October 10, 2014

"S" Week: The Senior, The Sophomore, and Surgery

The Senior:  S made it back home!  His flight was scheduled to arrive Tuesday night at 10:40. Then, it said 10:24.  He actually landed at 11:06, and I finally saw him around 11:30.  We made it home a little after 1:00 AM after driving home in rain.  He slept in a little bit Wednesday morning, but school work was waiting….Senior year will wait for no one!

Since he has been home, he has worked on College Algebra, his World War II unit, Daily Grammar, practicing with Dragon Dictation to make it more effective for him, and Assignment 1 for his Human Eye course through the School for the Blind.

We have scheduled his Senior Portraits.  A friend of ours from church will be doing them.  We are very lucky to have such talented people at our church.  We are going out to another friend’s stable to have his pictures taken.  Looking forward to that.

S attended Youth Group Wednesday evening at church.  Our youth are leading our 3 church services on Sunday morning.  He also had Horseback riding this morning.  It was good for him to get back since he has missed 3 weeks.

World Sight Day was this week (October 9).  It is something we are now aware of since S now has an identified Vision Impairment.  I wrote 2 blog posts about that:  Low Vision Diagnosis and Why Wasn’t He Identified Earlier?  We took him to pick up his spare glasses and have his glasses tightened.  His prism lenses are heavier, so his glasses tend to slide down his face more often. His new lenses seem to be helping him in more ways than we had originally anticipated.  That’s always a good thing.

S also received notice this week that he has been moved out of Pediatrics to the Family Practice Clinic. We need to contact his pediatrician because he had a plan for S's medical transition, and it didn't involve receiving a postcard in the mail telling us the he had a new Primary Care Manager (PCM).

S still has a fairly long list of “to dos” on the whiteboard.  It’s just a lot of little tasks:  sending emails, balancing his checkbook, contacting his pediatrician, unpacking, etc.

Volunteering:  He isn’t volunteering this weekend.  He did send in his hours for the October schedule.  He also wrote his thank you notes for those who sponsored him in the Light the Night walk.

The Sophomore:  It’s been a busy week for J also.  He went to Howl-O-Scream at Busch Gardens Sunday night with friends from the gym.  He had a good time, but he was tired.  

He missed practice Monday night because he was scheduled to have a Spanish Quiz on Tuesday, and he didn’t feel very well prepared (this is one of his more difficult classes).  We used Quizlet to study which was very helpful.  My husband was really impressed with the different features it has available. He also had an AP History Test scheduled for Wednesday, so he studied for that Monday night also since he was home.  

He didn’t have his Spanish quiz on Tuesday.  That was changed to Thursday.  He was a little irritated since he missed practice to stay home and study. The lesson learned was:  don’t put off your studying so you have to miss practice.  

He will be taking the PSAT next week.  He has a study book that is still in the same spot that he put it when he brought it home.  He told me the other day that he should study.  I told him his school work comes first.  If he has time, he can look at the PSAT book.

Practice:  As stated above, he missed practice Monday night.  He had 14 hours of practice this week.  His coach is a great coach.  What I really like about J’s coach and his wife is their belief that school comes first!  Gymnastics is a demanding sport; however, academics are the priority.

On the Homefront:  My husband is still in recovery mode.  He had his follow up appointment on Tuesday.  His stitches were taken out.  J and I had to remove his dressing on Saturday.  I think they used 8 pounds of tape.  It was something trying to get it all off, and it is industrial strength adhesive.  He had his PT appointment on Wednesday.  He has more exercises to do every day. He understands the importance of doing them, so he will be good about it.

My husband went to work for 2 hours on Wednesday, 4 hours on Thursday, and he will put in about 6 hours today.  When he had 2 laptops, an iPad, 2 cell phones, the house phone, and headphones near his recovery chair, we decided it was time for him to go back to the office.

Of course, since my husband can’t do much around the house, we have had little projects popping up.  I have replaced the shower head in the upstairs bathroom after we had water start spraying out all over the bathroom.  I had a great instructor standing there telling me what to do.  (He actually thought he was going to get up on a little ladder and do it. Can you hear me explaining that to the doctor?)  

The engine light came on in my van Wednesday right as J and I were getting ready to leave for practice.  Quick vehicle switch, and we made it.  Our vehicle repair shop has a courtesy driver, so my husband and I figured we would utilize that service Thursday morning when we dropped the van off to have the light checked (My husband can’t drive for 2-3 weeks).  

After I picked J up from practice on Wednesday night, I called my husband quick to make sure he hadn’t taken any pain pills yet.  Here's a thought: J has his permit.  He can drive one vehicle with my husband as the responsible adult, and I can drive the van.  Easy solution!  

We were hoping the engine light was a glitch and just needed to be reset. Nope!  It was a $600 repair.  I actually thought it would be more, so…..

I have been driving a great deal since I am the only one driving right now.  My schedule is quite chaotic.  There are some other things compounding the schedule or lack thereof also.  Why not?

When I’m not driving my kids or my husband around, you know I will be on the couch with chocolate!

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