Friday, April 3, 2015

It's been one of those weeks!

The Senior
S has been on break this week.  You would think he would be sleeping in since he loves to do that during school weeks.  Nope!  He has been up earlier this week than he is during school weeks.  When asked why, he replied, “I have things I need to do.”  

He is using his time during break to try to finish some things up.  He is REALLY close to finishing up his College Algebra course, so he took an assessment.  Close but not quite.  He is working on a history project and doing some German.

It has been a productive week regarding some of his “life” things he needs to finish.  His FAFSA is complete (only because we finished our taxes).  He spoke to the historian where he volunteers and asked if he could job shadow him.  That was initiative!  The historian is a wonderful man who told him yes.  He also offered to go over his research paper with him and give pointers!  He still has a list of items on the whiteboard, but it is getting shorter and shorter.

S attended a Seder Meal at church last night with my husband.  He enjoyed that.  He has horseback riding this morning.  After that, we will go to church for a noontime Good Friday service. Tomorrow he will help fill Easter eggs with candy for our church’s Easter egg hunt on Sunday. After that, he is volunteering for 4 hours.

The Sophomore
J had a busy school week since the quarter is ending.  He had two projects that were due this week, so that was how he spent his Saturday.  He worked diligently and never complained about that.  He complained about having to read 4 chapters from a novel for English.  Really?

This week at school he had an AP History test, an AP History quarterly exam, a Chemistry test, a Math test, an English test, an English quarterly exam, and a Spanish presentation.  He will be on Spring Break next week, so that is the light at the end of his tunnel.

J had an Orthodontist appointment scheduled for this week.  Fortunately, I had the date wrong since the date we thought was scheduled didn’t work because of his test schedule.  When I called to change it, I found out the correct date which didn't interfere with his testing schedule. He would have missed his appointment if I hadn't called.  We don’t miss appointments.  

He was hoping the Orthodontist would tell him his braces are coming off sometime soon.  He has had them on for 32 months.  The end is not as close as we had hoped after his last visit.  It is getting there, but this has been a very SLOW process for J.  He has been a trooper.  We looked at his initial x-rays.  Wow!  

J has been busy at practice, 17.5 hours this week.  He has a meet next week, so they are working on adding some new skills and cleaning things up in his routines.

On the Homefront
It's been one of those weeks!  The calendar is a little crazy with the color codes for everyone overlapping throughout the week.  Activities and appointments on the calendar have included: Orthodontist, Pest Control, picking up medication for S at the pharmacy, picking up medication for me at the pharmacy, picking up medication for the dog, eye appointment, back to the eye doctor to pick up J's new contacts, church council meeting, Seder meal at church, horseback riding, J's 5 nights of practice.  In between all of this, we found out I needed new brakes on my van.  We were able to get that done which was nice since we are traveling to Pennsylvania next week for J's meet.  Safety first! As long as we were swapping vehicles out at the mechanic's shop, why not take the truck in for an oil change?

We are getting together with friends tomorrow evening for an early Easter meal.  J is making the cake with an ice cream filling.  We shall see how that turns out.

On Easter Sunday, our family will attend the sunrise Easter service which is held at 6:30 am. We will head home for egg bake because that is tradition (S is adamant about that!).  Then, we will go to Busch Gardens for some fun followed by a nap when we get back home.

Here are a couple of Easter pictures from our time in Alabama.  J was in preschool, and S was in Kindergarten. As I was looking through Easter pictures, I realized that S has spent two Easters in double casts.

Happy Easter from me, the one on the couch with chocolate (possibly taken from Easter baskets).

What did I write this week?

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  1. What a busy week. I love your headings! I might have to steal that idea. :)

  2. Wow! You had a crazy busy week! Hope you have a wonderfully restful blessed weekend ahead!

  3. Your boys were and still are so adorable! We had a Seder at our house this year! I've had the same issue with appointments too! LOL!! I hope you are having a happy, healthy Easter!