Friday, April 17, 2015

Senioritis has struck!

The Senior

Here's how it started.  S had a two week Spring Break. I should have known....

All weekend, I kept reminding him of three things:
1.  School was back in session on Monday.
2.  He has work to finish in order to graduate.
3.  There are 6 weeks remaining.

My husband told him, "If I were you, I would get up and get my work done.  You could be done before the 6 weeks."  S understood this to mean:  I can sleep in until after 11:00.  That is exactly how he started his week. [I must give him credit.  He did get up earlier on Tuesday and Wednesday.]  
On Thursday, S told us that if we just functioned like he did, getting out of bed when we felt like it rather than when it was necessary, then we would be more understanding. [Someone turned his alarm clock off and didn't get up that morning. He needed to go somewhere.] My husband explained to S that he would be unemployed if he did that.

This week he continued to work on his College Algebra, German IV, and History.  We started a literature unit on To Kill a Mockingbird.  We are using an interactive literature guide from Progeny Press.  We have used them before, so S is familiar with the format.

S finished up his History!  This was bittersweet for him since it is his favorite subject.  I told him it frees up time to explore whatever he wants.  I do have to give him a shout out for finishing this course.

S has continued to remind us (on the weekends) that he needs to go to the Social Security office to finish up his SSI application.  We continue to remind him that they aren't open on the weekend.  My husband called Monday morning to schedule an appointment.  He was told they didn’t need an appointment; they could just walk in and be seen.  They went there Thursday morning.  Oh my!  My husband was given misinformation which they figured out after having been there for more than an hour.  There is an appointment scheduled now for May 19. I told S this is like trying to get through another wave.  He’s tired of making his way through the waves. I can understand. I told him he is lucky to have his dad on his side for this.

S had horseback riding this morning, volunteering 4 hours on Saturday, and family pictures on Sunday (he's not very excited about it).

The Sophomore
J had a productive weekend before heading back to school.  He helped my husband make some decorations for S's graduation party.  


We had a church meeting on Sunday.  Next year is National Youth Gathering for church.  S has gone, and now it is J's turn to go.  It is an awesome experience for the youth.  J is excited about going.  We met to discuss some basic information and talk about fundraising.  

He had a Podiatry appointment on Monday morning, so he missed his first class.  J has navicular accessories which is why he has to wear braces on both feet while doing gymnastics. The doctor hadn't seen him in a while, so it was just a check up. The doctor was pleased with how he was doing and that there isn't any pain any more.

J went to the chiropractor yesterday for some therapy on his wrist.  He did something to it at practice, not sure what.  It’s been a little sore, but it felt better after the treatment.  

School was good this week.  It is the beginning of the end of the year.  Before we know it, they will be preparing for exams.

He had practice for 17.5 hours this week.  With this year's season over, they are looking ahead to next year.  He is working new skills and fine tuning the skills he has now.  

On the Homefront
We had a busy weekend working on outside activities.  The weather was gorgeous.  My husband and J worked on decorations for S's graduation party.  I mowed.  Our front yard has been a work in progress for a while, but it looks so nice right now.  


My husband spent three days in Kansas this week for work.  He didn’t like his connection times on his flight to Kansas and coming home was worse since he missed his connecting flight.  He eventually made it home, but it was quite late.

I had drop off and pick up for those three days.  I hung out at Starbucks rather than drive back and forth.  It’s a difference of driving 1.5 hours each night or 3 hours each night since the trip is 45 minutes each way.  My husband had a church meeting Thursday evening, but he was able to pick J up from practice.

This weekend we have family pictures.  I am looking forward to it.  Our photographer is the same one who did S's senior portraits.  She is so good.  She is very considerate about the additional time it takes to get S from point A to point B and get him positioned correctly.  

What did I write this week?
Our Favorite Adoption Books

I will be on the couch with chocolate hoping that senioritis won't linger too long in our household. I think I might be out of luck on that wish!

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  1. Senioritis will be over all to soon and then he will come down with freshmanitis!! Navicular accessories!!?? What is that? We used to have a horse with navicular disease!! Please eat some chocolate for me this week!! LOL!

    1. Navicular accessory is an extra bone in the foot. J has them in each foot and gymnastics aggravates it. I have eaten some extra chocolate this week!