Friday, November 21, 2014

And as our busy season starts…..

The Senior
S stayed with friends this past weekend while we were up in northern Virginia for J’s gymnastics meet.  S had a good time.  They went to see “Dumb and Dumber To”, went out to eat, ate Duck Donuts, had pizza, and watched more movies.  My friend had 4 teenage boys at her house.  

This week S has been busy working.  He’s trying to make sure everything is completed, so he can be on a relaxed schedule the next couple of weeks since Grandpa and Grandma are coming. Love that part of homeschooling!  He has been working on his College Algebra, Human Eye Lesson 3, WW II unit, Grammar, and research paper - Notes are complete, thesis statement is revised, and outline is finalized!  The final paper will be written after Grandpa and Grandma leave.

We received his insurance authorization letter for his SmartDrive for his wheelchair this week. He is quite excited about that.  We are hoping it is here before Christmas.

S has 2 sessions of horseback riding today.  He had his scheduled lesson at 8:30 this morning (it was quite chilly), and he has a makeup lesson this afternoon.  He will be tired tonight!  My husband is taking the afternoon off to take S back up this afternoon.  He is hoping to get some good pictures of him riding.

My husband and I are going to preview S’s Senior Portraits Saturday morning.  He has decided he’s not going with us.  Fine.  He took the pictures and didn’t complain, so we will preview without him.  

S went back to church Tuesday night with my husband to help serve the homeless.  Their shift was shorter than expected because we had another representative from our church on site.

S is volunteering 6 hours this weekend.

The Sophomore
J has had a typical week at school.  He had a number of quizzes and tests this week.  He will be wrapping up his science fair project this weekend.  He really likes his science classes, but he doesn’t like doing the science fair.   He has an English poetry project that he will be finishing up also.  I hope he doesn't have a lot of homework during Thanksgiving break since he could use some down time.

J had his first meet of the season last weekend.  He did well.  He is at a new level with new skills. There were some falls, but he did not get hurt.  That is always a good thing.  He placed on 3 events and in the All Around.  There are some things to work on at practice before the next meet.


He has 17.5 hours of practice this week.  The next meet is hosted by our gym in 2 weeks, so there is a lot of activity happening at the gym.

On the Homefront
We spent the weekend in northern Virginia.  We stayed in Old Town Alexandria.  We were able to spend Saturday morning with our niece who was in Washington DC for a conference.  That was fun.  We had brunch at the Bittersweet Cafe.  The food was delicious!  J chose to go back there Sunday morning for breakfast before we headed to IKEA.  

This has been a busy week of appointments.  My husband had 2 PT appointments.  I had 2 appointments.  I had to go to Dermatology for my annual mole check.  I have A LOT of moles. Everything looked good. The doctor told me to keep using sunscreen and come back in a year. Can do!

I have been able to get some birthday and Christmas shopping finished this week. I am a big fan of online shopping.  I don't really like going to the mall. Also, I can have things shipped to my parent's house since we are going to Minnesota for Christmas.

Tomorrow, we have S's picture review.  We are looking forward to that. Tomorrow evening we are having Thanksgiving with our friends since my friend’s husband has to work on Thanksgiving.  

Most of my weekend will be spent cleaning because my parents are flying in from Minnesota on Monday night.  They will be here for a couple of weeks - Thanksgiving, a weekend trip to the Outer Banks, both boys’ birthdays, and J’s meet.

We are going to be busy, but I will still find time to be on the couch with chocolate!
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  1. Wow, your gymnastics pictures are so cool!
    You're going to love Christmas in Minnesota ;) We're hoping for lots of snow two days before Christmas (so it's pretty and white, but the roads have had time to clear up. Ha!)

    1. My husband takes the pictures. I just cheer, hoot and holler! I hope it snows in Minnesota for Christmas, but that it happens after we fly there :). I miss the snow, but I don't miss the cold.

  2. I'm so glad everything went well and you had fun on your weekend away! Enjoy the holiday with your family! I am also a fan of online shopping!

  3. I like the gym pictures too, they're so impressive! Fans of online shopping, check out my website dedicated to special needs populations...