Friday, November 7, 2014

The Calm Before the Storm

The Senior:  S has been busy working this week.  He has worked on College Algebra, his research paper, his World War II unit, and Grammar.  I keep telling him that he WILL learn how to use commas correctly. He keeps telling me that only death and taxes are certain.

He finally submitted his Human Eye Lesson 2 for grading.  There were some email glitches, so corrections he had made for his Human Eye Lesson 1 hadn’t made it to the instructor.  That is all straightened out now.  

His research paper is coming along; however, we have found during his notes check that he isn’t taking as many notes as he has told us he is taking.  This is why we are doing checks every three days, so we can get him back on track.  He becomes so engrossed in what he’s reading that he just doesn’t get around to taking the notes (Thank you ADD!).  There will be more “supervision” during his note taking time.  He isn’t excited about it.  Oh well!  We keep telling him he has to be able to efficiently write a research paper if he plans on attending college.

He had Youth Group on Wednesday evening.  This morning he had horseback riding.  His dad took him since I had an appointment.

S survived his Senior Portraits!  We woke up Sunday morning, and it was raining.  It rained all through church.  Our photographer was in the same service that we were.  She texted me during Sunday School to ask what we wanted to do.  We decided to check the weather around noon.  It was clearing up, but it was quite chilly.  At least he didn’t sweat.  The problem was we had planned his outfits around the 65-70 degree temperatures we had been having.  It was 45 that day.  Plan B:  Long sleeves.  J and I  were at the store Saturday afternoon looking for some shirts. It all worked.  We are anxious to check the pictures out.

Volunteering: S will be volunteering 6 hours on Saturday.  He signed up for all 3 shifts.  He is hoping the Museum Historian is there that day because he enjoys talking to him.

The Sophomore:  J ended first quarter on Monday.  He had Tuesday off because of the elections. He helped around the house that day.  He made his dad very happy by mowing the front yard and washing the dog. He started second quarter on Wednesday.  As I told him, he is in the last half of his PE course now.  He checked his grades the other night.  He had 4 As and 3 Bs, so he is quite happy with that.

Practice:  J had practice for 17 hours this week.  He was happy to get on the high bar to break in his new grips.  His first meet will be November 15, so they are running routines.  He is excited about it.

On the Homefront:  My husband had a PT appointment on Tuesday, and the PT did dry needling. My husband said it was helpful.  He goes back to Orthopedics and PT next week and should be out of his sling at that point.  He can’t wait!  

We voted this week.  That’s always a good thing. It's been a week of meetings and appointments. 

Yesterday morning I took our 13 year old dog out for a walk before it started storming. Long story short, his back legs became wobbly while he was pooping, so he fell in his poop (remember J just washed him on Tuesday). I washed him again, in the rain. The fun never ends!

Yesterday afternoon, it was raining quite hard and the power went out. That's always fun. I was on the phone with my husband when it happened. I had to turn on the flashlight on my phone, so I could make my way upstairs to get our basket of candles that we have for just this reason. Times like these are when we figure out that most of our flashlights have dead batteries. S owns a headlight that he ALWAYS has with him except for this moment. "It's in my room somewhere." Good luck! My husband managed to find it when he came home. My husband had to go to a church meeting, J was at practice, so S and I hung out and read by candlelight and flashlight.  The power did come back on. Then, it went off again. Needless to say, my husband had to bring us supper on his way home from church.

Other than that, nothing too exciting this week.  We are busy, but this is the calm before the storm. It will get crazier for us.  Stay tuned!

For now, I will be enjoying some more time on the couch with chocolate.
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  1. Sounds like another productive week! Sorry about the dog and the power outage! I dread power outages because we are so dependent on technology over here! Bethany goes nuts when iPad doesn't work! Thanks for sharing at FF.

    1. Power outages aren't fun. We quickly realize how dependent we are upon our electronics. It was nice to take time to just sit and read.

    2. It is nice to actually read a BOOK once in awhile isn't it? Just wanted to let you know the place my girls find cheaper text books is at you type in the ISBN # of the book you need and all the places you can get it cheaper will show up. I hope you can save some big bucks!!!

    3. Thank you for the information. I will be filing that away to be referenced and used next year. We appreciate the support!