Saturday, November 1, 2014

Things are Coming Together

Once again, it has been a busy week.  That’s not unusual, so is it really worth writing every week?

The Senior:  S has been busy doing his schoolwork.  He has been working on College Algebra, Daily Grammar, World War II unit, his research paper, and he finished Human Eye Lesson 2.  

He attended the adult Sunday school class at church on Sunday because they are discussing the history of the church.  He brought a book home after class and has been reading that this week.  One of my friends said when S first walked in the room she couldn’t figure out what he was doing.  Then she realized they were discussing history, so it made perfect sense.

We heard back from our state homeschool organization regarding accessibility for the state homeschool graduation ceremony.  It all sounds good.  Check that off our list!

My husband was able to successfully change S’s PCM to our first choice doctor.  My husband emailed the gaining doctor asking if he had room in his caseload.  That doctor spoke to the pediatrician.  He then emailed my husband back and said he would open a slot for S.  Yeah!

S toured the local community college Thursday afternoon and met with the Disability Services office.  It was a good visit.  We received a lot of information that will be helpful as we move forward.  The tour was good.  Our guide was very energetic and knowledgable.  After the tour, we took him to the bookstore to look at textbook prices.  That was an eye opener for him!

S is having his Senior Portraits done on Sunday afternoon.  That will be an interesting time. He doesn’t think they are necessary.

Volunteering:  S volunteered 4 hours last weekend.  He isn’t volunteering this weekend.

The Sophomore:  Because J worked hard on his homework last weekend, he had a little more time to breathe this week.  He had a project due for AP History that he finished on Sunday night.  He was glad he had done that because he had friends that left the whole thing until Monday night.  It wasn’t a difficult assignment, but it was time consuming.

It is the end of the quarter, so that means it is quarterly assessments in all of his classes.  He’s taking it in stride.  It means no homework other than studying.  The plus is that he shouldn’t have much homework this weekend other than a current events writing which he enjoys doing.  

He also managed to carve our pumpkins this weekend.  He enjoys doing that.

He had to go to the Orthodontist Tuesday morning.  His appointment was originally scheduled for Nov. 4, a day off of school.  Of course, it had to be changed.  We picked a day that he has PE:  1.  Not his favorite class  2.  Easier to miss than a strong academic class.  He was a little irritated that he missed part of Photography though.  Can’t win everything.  He had 3 brackets put on (2 new and 1 replaced) and a new elastic combination.  He has had his braces on for 27 months at this point.  He goes back in January.

Practice:  J only had 14 hours of practice this week.  They take off on Halloween.  He ripped another pair of high bar grips, so we had to order new ones.  Little did we know, he had ripped his spare pair also.  There are 2 new pairs of grips coming and scheduled to be here today! They were going to check his rings grips to make sure they are good.  Better that we replace them now rather than right before a meet.  Last year, we had to replace grips right before the state meet.

On the Homefront:  My husband had PT Wednesday morning.  He is driving now!  Yeah!!!! He is quite excited.  He will be more excited when he is out of his sling.  He goes back to the Orthopedic Surgeon on Nov. 10.  He has PT again next week.

I had a physical.  I called for an appointment thinking it would take 3-4 weeks to schedule an appointment.  Imagine my surprise when I could get in 2 days later.  Of course, my bloodwork wasn’t done before the appointment.  

We had friends over for Halloween.  It has become a tradition.  We eat pizza, hand out candy, and have a good time together.

Enjoy your weekend!  You will find me on the couch with chocolate!

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  1. Your guys are very busy doing good things! I'm so glad the accommodations will be in place for S and that everything worked out for changing his PCM and getting your appointment made. And Yes, I agree college textbook prices are outrageous. My girls get theirs all much cheaper somewhere online. I can ask them where if you want!

    1. It has been a good week here. We would love any recommendations for getting cheaper books! Thanks!

    2. I will get back to you with that info soon!