Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Brielle and Me: A Review

I read the book, Brielle and Me, last week.  As I was reading it, I would share little snippets of the story to my family members as if Kerith, Brielle, and family were friends of our family, and I had just received some interesting piece of information about them.  When you start talking about another family like that, it means the story touches you.

As a mother of a child young adult who has special needs, I can relate to most of what Kerith wrote about.  I say most of what she wrote about because S was adopted at the age of 4 and we knew he had Cerebral Palsy when we adopted him.  We didn’t have to go through the worry during pregnancy or waiting on initial testing that is addressed in the beginning of the book. We had time to research CP and talk to professionals prior to him coming home.  We were able to set up initial doctor’s appointments before he came home.  We knew how to work with the school system since I was a Special Education teacher.  That being said…..

Kerith did a great job of writing about their journey.  It brought back so many memories and emotions of our journey, good and bad.  As special needs families, our journeys are all unique; however, we all understand. Our stories are our stories, but we have all been there. As I said last week, Kerith "gets" my life.

Kerith and her family were extremely honest in this book about their journey.  I appreciated that.  

For me, especially, it was nice to read a story about a family who made it through childhood and is now handling special needs adulthood.  We are there now too.

Since we made it this far, you will find me on the couch with chocolate enjoying life.

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