Friday, January 2, 2015

Christmas in Minnesota

We flew to Minnesota for Christmas. We spent 12 days there enjoying time with family and friends. We were "in the moment". We didn't worry about posing for pictures. We didn't stress over things that needed to be done at home. We enjoyed what life gave us at each moment.

When it was time to write my Christmas wrap up post, I looked through my family's shared photos to see what everyone had taken pictures of on their phones.

This was our trip to Minnesota.

J hanging out at the airport.  We had a 30 minute delay.

We had to make a connection on our trip. Our preference is the non-stop flight; however, it was $800 less to make a connection.  We connected!

Two of our favorite restaurants!

It snowed on Christmas Day.

J had the opportunity to drive in snow.

My family lives in a rural area of Minnesota.  

J went sledding with my nephew.  S stayed home because….

it was cold.

Because S wants to eventually go to college in Minnesota, we made him go out when it was cold to see what it might be like on a college campus.  He thought it was cold, and he got stuck “but only once”.

We spent a weekend at a hotel with my husband’s family.  My husband ran around the hotel one evening in his elf pajamas.  He received many strange looks and compliments.  Two kids asked “Mr. Elf” for help with a pop machine.

My nephew, J, and I had to cut the center pieces out of the pan of Special K bars since they had the biggest globs of chocolate frosting.  We were hoping to get my sister excited about it; however, she said she prefers the outside pieces.

This pretty much sums up our trip - cards and chocolate.  Do you like the Christmas dishes from Poland and Germany?

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in the Charlotte airport.

We had a great time on our trip. Although this was the most relaxing Christmas trip we have ever had, we were tired when we made it home. There will be some resting on the couch with chocolate.

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  1. I'm so glad you guys were able to enjoy your holidays! We're in Upstate NY. We are used to cold snowy weather, but I don't think it was that cold here last week! I think S should think about college in Hawaii!