Sunday, January 25, 2015

School, Midterms, NYC

The Senior
S has been continuing to work on his schoolwork. He found out he received an “A” on his Human Eye Lesson 4 which he was happy about.  He worked hard and finished up Lesson 5 this week.  That course is complete!  He is going to work on a Low Vision research project to complement the course and help him in his understanding of how Low Vision impacts his life.  

Although S focused on his Human Eye course, he also worked on Daily Journaling, College Algebra, and History.  His workload was lighter this week since we left on Thursday for a little trip.

We are still going through his research paper word by word to help prepare him for the next paper, topic unknown at this point.  He will start it the end of February.  

There has been some frustration this week since S has not been getting up in the morning which means he is working later in the evening.  That wouldn’t be an issue except he thinks it should be very quiet in the house when he’s working.  The problem is that other people live in this house.  As we told him, “We are going to talk and not tiptoe around since you didn’t want to get up and get started on your work.”  

S had Youth Group on Wednesday night.  There isn’t horseback riding for him this week because we are out of town.  

It’s hard to believe that there are only 15 weeks left of school for him.  As I look at the plans I laid out for the year, I am still tweaking some of them.  Love the freedom to do that!  He will still finish the things we had laid out, but we are going to do some fun projects for some of his assignments.  Looking forward to that.  It will be a nice change of pace for him since he has been working so hard all these years to make it to this point.

The Sophomore
J made it through exams!  There was no school on Monday.  He had Chemistry and Spanish exams on Tuesday, PE and Photography exams on Wednesday, and Math Analysis and English exams on Thursday.  Because it was exam week, the high school students had half days which meant they were dismissed at 10:40 (That just tells you they start really early.  One more reason S is glad to be homeschooled.)  J is now ready to start his second semester next week.  

J had practice for 10.5 hours this week since he missed Thursday and tonight.  

On the Homefront
At the time of this posting, we are in New York City for a weekend getaway and a concert at Carnegie Hall.  Looking forward to that!

This past weekend included a VBS planning meeting,  S volunteering, church and Sunday School, and attending a college gymnastics meet (It’s a lot less stressful when my son isn’t competing.)

On Monday, my husband had the day off.  The first thing on our schedule was a couples massage.  That’s a good day!

Otherwise, it’s been fairly routine - school, work, gymnastics.  

What have I written this week?

Enjoy your weekend!  I will enjoy my time in New York City.  We have a suite, so I can be on the couch with chocolate (and some goodies from some yummy bakeries).

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  1. what a fun reason to be in the city. we live an hour North of NYC and go in often..lots to see and do for sure! Enjoy your week!

  2. You guys are busy bees and world travelers! LoL! We were hoping to meet our sons and grandson in NYC on 2/1, but sadly it's not going to work out. Have lots of fun while you're there for me!