Friday, January 9, 2015

The Beginning of the End: Senior Year

The Senior
This is it.  We have started the second semester of S's senior year.  Woo hoo!  There is a lot to be done in the next few months.  He needs to work hard!

Prior to break, S needed to finish writing his research paper.  He didn't.  He had to work on it in Minnesota.  While we were in Minnesota, my husband and I had the opportunity to make some observations about the challenges S has with his writing.  Hopefully, we can help him continue to work through these things.

This week S was back at it.  He worked really hard this week.  He worked on College Algebra, Human Eye Lesson 4, History, German IV, daily journal writing, essay writing, editing practice, and going through his research paper.  [At this very moment, S is finding numerous things to do instead of editing his essay he wrote this week which is all he has left to do for schoolwork this week. ]

S had time to sit and play his computer game multiple times this week or as he told me,  "I'm not playing.  I'm learning tactics."  

He attended Youth Group Wednesday night, and he has horseback riding today.  He was thankful that he didn't ride on Thursday when we had a wind chill advisory here.  

Prior to our trip, we talked to S about things he needs to be doing when we get back - applying to college, applying for HandiRide, filling out the FAFSA form, etc.  We told him we will help him, but we are not going to keep reminding him about these things.  So, the other day S looked up the application process for the community college.  He knows he needs to apply and take the placement tests for the school.  When it is time to take the placement tests, he will need to coordinate with the Disabled Student Services Office to make sure he has the correct accommodations in place.  
We found out today that S's Vitamin D level is still low. He needs to continue with his supplements, and they will check it again in a few months.

It has been a productive week for him.  It will be nice if he can keep the personal motivation going (a mom can dream, can't she?).

The Sophomore
During break J had some assignments that he could work on if he chose to do so, but there wasn't anything that was due when he returned on Monday.  He did work a little bit on some of the work.  
This week he had a Spanish project due and AP History questions and writings to do.  Next week, he has a History project to turn in.  They are starting to do some review for midterms and SOLs.  Hard to believe first semester is almost over for him.

He had an Orthodontist appointment Tuesday morning.  He was finally told that there is an end in sight.  We still don't know how much longer he needs to keep his braces on, but this is the first time we have been told that.  He goes back next month to have another bracket put on.  
He is currently at 30 months with his braces.  He is looking forward to having them removed. We are thankful that we paid a flat fee for his braces and treatment rather than having to pay/visit since this has become a long process.

J had practice for 16 hours this week.  They had an earlier, shorter practice on Wednesday which threw our schedule off.  He has a meet this weekend and competes on Saturday afternoon/evening.

On the Homefront
We are not in vacation mode any more.  We have all of our Christmas decorations packed up and put away.  We have groceries in the house.  

My husband has been sick, so he was home on Monday.  He probably should have stayed home on Tuesday also, but he made it through the day.  He missed PT on Monday but had appointments on Wednesday and today.  They are pleased with his progress.

We will be busy this weekend attending J’s gymnastics meet, but Sunday should be a relaxed day after church and Sunday School.  Our adult class started a new session on Marriage.  It was pretty interesting.

My husband and I are going to be working with S on improving his executive function skills. That will have to be a separate blog post one day.  It is a struggle for him.  We are reading the book, Smart but Scattered Teens:  The “Executive Skills” Program for Helping Teens Reach Their Potential.  We made it through Part I before Christmas, “What Makes Your Teen Smart but Scattered”.  That was interesting, so we are looking forward to working our way through the book to see if it helps.  I will keep you posted as we journey through this book.

I also just bought the book, Brielle and Me.  I look forward to reading this.  Maybe I will have time to do that while I am on the couch with chocolate.

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  1. Thanks for visiting Our Side of the Mountain! My oldest decided to attend a school for STEM instead of being homeschooled for high school. It's a great fit for him, but I miss schooling an older student. You learn so much right along beside them!

    1. S had talked about going back to public school for high school until he realized how early the bus would come. It has been fun learning with him and watching him develop his interests.

  2. It sounds like you've all recuperated from the holidays and are getting settled back into the school routine! Enjoy the book!

  3. Happy reading! I hope my book is an encouragement to you. Come join our discussion over on Facebook going on right now!

    1. I'm enjoying your book very much. I'm about halfway through it. I will head over to the discussion group.