Friday, February 20, 2015

Four Snow Days & College Stuff

It has been an unusual week at our house.  My husband took Friday off, and he and J both had Monday off for President’s Day.  This was followed by Tuesday and Wednesday being snow days for both my husband and J. J also had Thursday and Fridays as snow days this week. That's right - 4 snow days!


The Senior
Normally, S doesn’t get much work done when everyone is home; however, he decided he was going to work hard.  He realized that if he was working on J’s snow days that he will actually be ahead of J since his days need to be made up.  Because he has worked so hard all week, I told him he could take today off and there is nothing to make up.  He’s pretty excited about that!

S worked on German IV, History, creative writing, a College Algebra assessment, and took notes for his research paper.  He also finished up a project for a novel we just read.

The exciting part of our week is that S completed his college application!  He still isn’t excited about it.  The conversation went something like this:
Me:  Why aren’t you excited?
S:  I’m just not.
Me:  If you plan on going to college, you need to apply to college.  If you aren’t going to go to college, what is your plan?
S:  I don’t have one.
Me:  Enough said.


After submitting his application, we turned to the “fun” stuff - filling out the FAFSA.

S was supposed to go to the Chiropractor on Thursday; however, it was very icy, so we cancelled that appointment. Snow/Ice + Crutches = Falls

Horseback riding was cancelled because of the weather also. S hasn’t been out of the house since we went to church on Sunday.

S will not be volunteering this weekend.  J has a meet in northern Virginia.  S had made arrangements to stay with friends, but those plans changed.  He is now going with us.  He’s not happy about it.  Oh well!  Life goes on. We are hoping to squeeze a mini field trip in before the meet on Saturday.

The Sophomore
J had a relaxing weekend with very little homework to complete.  He had Monday off for President’s Day and finished up some AP History questions.  He had snow days on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. He is ready to go back to school!

J helped my husband shovel our driveway and a path in our neighbor’s driveway.  This lady is a member of our church and lives two doors down from us.  She is on Hospice care, so J and my husband made sure there was a pathway cleared for the home health nurse.  They also shoveled out a patch on the street for her to park her car.
J had the opportunity to drive a little bit in the snow. He helped move vehicles out of the driveway. He realized the difference between driving a truck with 4 wheel drive and a car in the snow.

J only practiced 10.5 hours this week since practice was cancelled Monday and Tuesday.  He was very happy to be back in the gym on Wednesday.  He enjoys practice, and he has a meet this weekend in northern Virginia.  It will be a busy weekend.

On the Homefront
We have had quite a few relaxing, family days this past week.  It has been nice.  We have enjoyed the warmth from the fireplace, watched a lot of movies, played a lot of games, read books, and slept.  It is unusual for any of us to get to sleep in very often, so we all appreciated that opportunity.  The dog even cooperated with us.


We were bummed Wednesday night that Ash Wednesday services were cancelled; however, we understand.  Our pastor posted a link to his sermon, so we could read it at home. It was nice to be able to do that.

The roads are a mess here.  The primary roads are cleaned after a storm, but secondary streets and neighborhood roads are not cleaned here which is why they end up with so many snow days.
This is what our streets look like after day 2 of the snow.  The temperatures dropped again after these pictures, so everything froze again.  

I took the dog out for a walk yesterday morning, slipped, and fell. I have a bruised palm, but that appears to be it. Thank goodness! I broke my arm quite badly three years ago (2 plates and 19 screws), and the surgeon told me another break would be very difficult to fix. I am under orders by my husband to not walk the dog!


We happen to have one of very few snow shovels in our neighborhood (my parents brought it from Minnesota one year), so it makes the rounds during snow weeks.
What did I write this week?

I am going to shamelessly plug my husband’s blog.  He writes about things that go on in our house, but he approaches it from a humorous aspect.  He took some time off from writing while recovering from his shoulder surgery, but he’s back.  His latest post is The Alarm Clock Paradox. Check it out!

It has been a nice week with a lot of time spent on the couch with chocolate.  Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Sounds like the snow gave you a bit of a staycation! Here in upstate NY we get a lot of snow but not many snow days! I am very sick of snow and frozen pipes and very glad to have my furnace back on! I would not be very excited about the college application process either. I dread the FAFSA time of year, although doing it online and having tax info sent automatically makes the process a lot easier than it used to be.