Friday, February 6, 2015

Senior Stress - 13 Weeks Left

The Senior
This has been an unusual week.  S had 3 appointments - 2 chiropractic appointments and a dentist appointment.  In addition, he went to 4.5 hours of volunteer training one day.  Today he has horseback riding.  All of this has thrown his school schedule off a little bit.  There are so many times I appreciate the flexibility we have with homsechooling, and this is definitely one of those weeks.

S finished another assessment for College Algebra.  He started working on his Low Vision project.  The rest of his work was writing intensive.  He was studying the Cold War for History, so he wrote letters as if he were a world leader writing to another world leader.  He had fun with that.  

We have also finished dissecting his research paper.  He understands what needs to be improved, and we are discussing topics for his next research paper that will be started on February 16.
The past week has been stressful for S with graduation rapidly approaching. He's not ready for it, but it's coming.

S will be volunteering 4 hours this weekend.

The Sophomore
J had a routine week at school.  That’s good.  He had homework, but nothing too crazy.  It’s nice for him to have a little bit of breathing room after exams.  He is working on portraits in photography.  He usually prefers scenery, so he will definitely learn a lot in this unit.  He has a half day today.  Not sure why…He is going to try making Oreo truffles with the Red Velvet Oreos. I will report back after the taste test is complete.

He had an orthodontist appointment on Tuesday.  They put on his final bracket and a stronger wire.  He has had braces on for 30 months, and they have been waiting on a tooth to finally make its appearance.  The orthodontist was pleased that oral surgery wasn’t necessary to get that tooth to drop.  Not nearly as happy as J was (or mom and dad)!  Now, the orthodontist is working hard to get everything in place so, at some point before J graduates, the braces can actually come off of his teeth!

He had practice for 17.5 hours this week.  He is 2 weeks out from his next meet.  He has been working hard in the gym.  He has been working on a new skill for a few weeks and finally got it!
This is what his hands usually look like.  The rips aren't too bad in this picture.
There is chalk everywhere in our house and vehicles!

On the Homefront
Obviously, it has been a busy week with appointments.  Next week isn’t much better.  Time is moving by quickly!  

The day that S had his 4.5 hours of volunteer training he asked me what I was going to do in all of my free time that day. I really thought I might have some free time (insert laughter here). I spent an hour of that "free" time driving from the museum and back to the museum. I put gas in my van. I went to the grocery store. I went to Target. I went to CVS. I went to Kohl's. Good homeschooling mom that I am, I went to the library to pick up audio CDs for a book we are going to study. After that, I realized I had about 30 minutes to run home and throw supper in the crockpot. After arriving home after picking S up, I realized that I had not bothered to plug in the crockpot. If I have too many more days with "free" time, I might just collapse. [Disclaimer: Chocolate may/may not have jumped into a cart while I was running errands.]

Last night, I scheduled our family portraits for April.  We were going to have them done the day S had his Senior Portraits; however, the weather was not very cooperative and S really didn’t see any need to have senior pictures much less family pictures.  We decided we would use his energy on his pictures and do ours later.  I figured I should get that on the calendar since our photographer books up quickly. I hope our family pictures turn out as well as S’s pictures.  She did an amazing job!

Speaking of his pictures, we finally bought frames for his pictures.  It was the first “free” weekend we have had in a while.  We also bought some more items for S’s graduation party. J is having fun coming up with ideas for it.  He is definitely a creative, out-of-the-box thinker.

We got together with friends for the Super Bowl.  We have a good time when we are together talking, eating, watching the commercials, eating, watching the game, eating;  there may have been a really yummy chocolate cake there also.

What have I written this week?
The Chiropractor

It looks like we have another open weekend.  They are few and far between, so I will enjoy it on the couch with chocolate!

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  1. Wow, I never knew gymnast hands would get so ripped up. My youngest son is highly active and I'd considered gymnastics for him. However, now I have him doing breakdancing and jujitsu which is something he can do at home, anytime and uses up his nervous energy. He tried gymnastics for awhile and settled on just learning the tumbling. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.

  2. Soon all that senior stress will be replaced with college freshman stress! Wow! Do J's hands hurt? He has quite the leg muscles! I hope the next time you have some free time you get to relax!

  3. Senior year flies by! Sylvia is right though it is soon replaced with college freshman stress...then I am sure that stress is replaced with something else...

    I hope you find some moments of free time to relax!