Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Four Pillars of Life: Pt. 4 Spiritual

Quick recap:  My husband and I came up with four different categories and related skills that we felt S was going to need in order to be successful starting as a young adult heading off to college. The categories are physical, educational, financial, and spiritual.  

4.  Spiritual:  This is very important to us as a family and as parents.  
a.  Daily Devotion:  ONGOING!!
b.  Regular worship:  Remember back in Part 1 where I talked about S taking A LONG time to get ready in the morning, but we know he can get ready quickly; that is because he gets ready quickly on Sunday mornings.  Part of that could be because we have left him at home a couple of Sundays in years past because he didn't make it on time.  He learned.  Attending church is important to him, so he makes it a priority to be ready. ONGOING!!
c.  Bible study:  ONGOING!!
d.  Spiritual maturity:  This will come as he grows up.  He is a work in progress as we all are.  He has a deep faith in God and works on growing his relationship.  Still working on this step.
e.  Correct Biblical application:  Sometimes S has been known to quote Bible passages in a manner that was not meant to be helpful.  As one of our pastors has told the youth, "Don't be a jerk for Jesus."  The kids get that.  This has improved and goes hand in hand with spiritual maturity.  Still working on this step.
f.  Service to others:  S loves to volunteer.  There are few things in our church that he isn't willing to help with.  He has a way with people.  They are drawn to him, and he is comfortable talking to anyone.  As mentioned in Part 1, he has expressed some interest in mission work. We can see him doing this.  We have explained to him that it is a calling, and he needs to pray about it.  This will always be an ongoing step since we are never done serving others. ONGOING!!

We are anxious to see God's plan for S's life play out.  There will be some great things coming in his life.  He will go on to do great things!

You know where to find me - on the couch with chocolate!

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