Friday, February 27, 2015

Gymnastics, College Visit, More Snow

It has been ANOTHER snowy week here in Virginia.  J had three snow days, and my husband had two snow days.  Enough already!

The Senior
S survived his weekend trip to northern Virginia for his brother’s gymnastics meet.  After it snowed 5-6 inches prior to the meet, he opted to just hang out at the hotel and watch movies. Since the meet took quite a while, we decided he made a good choice on staying at the hotel.

On our way home, we stopped at the University of Mary Washington for a self-guided tour.  S’s former Occupational Therapist had suggested this school to him.  Since it was finally nice outside, we thought we would walk around campus to see if S would like to go back for a guided tour.  He liked the campus and wants to go back for a guided tour!  This is definitely progress for him.  

When we arrived home on Sunday, S decided he would get a jump start on his school work. He worked on his College Algebra.  He knows he is getting close to being done with the course, so he is very motivated to work on this subject.

This week he worked on College Algebra, daily journal writing, finished his notes for his research paper, German IV, and History.  We started reading another novel, Without You, There is No Us.  

I realized this week that S is having an easier time taking notes for his research paper.  I have determined it is one of three things.
  1. He is better at taking notes.
  2. He is following his outline more as he takes notes.  This outline is a little more basic than his last one.  (The topic is a little simpler than the last topic.)
  3. I am making this observation while he is using print sources rather than online sources. [Since he can’t copy and paste, he is forced to paraphrase his notes.] Therefore, the question I have asked is, “Does he do better with print sources for note taking than online sources?”  If so, he is going to have to print out text from online sources to take notes.  

S had a dentist appointment on Wednesday and had a little bit of work done.  He is getting some great lessons on growing up since he saw how much the bill was with dental insurance.
S received a phone call from DBVI this week about Vocational Rehab services. They were on our list of people to call. That was good.  He and his dad are going to meet with the counselor on Monday afternoon. Hopefully, they will get some good information. He also started filling out the application for SSI. He received a letter from the community college outlining the next steps he has to take.

We attended the Lenten service on Wednesday night after S had Youth Group.  He was supposed to have horseback riding today, but it was cancelled because of weather.  He received his schedule for next session.  He kept Fridays, but his lesson will be at 10:00.  That means we have to leave at 9:00.  It’s been a different time each session.

S will be volunteering 4 hours on Saturday. He is hoping it warms up because the Casemate becomes quite chilly inside.  

The Sophomore
J was quite happy to get back to school this week although the week started with a 2 hour delay.  He told us, “I don’t mind the 2 hour delay, but I don’t want another snow day.”  I understand!  Unfortunately, he only had school two days this week.  Tack three more snow days onto the four from last week...That's right. A federal holiday, 7 snow days, and a two hour delay in the past two weeks of school.

J had an interesting meet on Saturday evening.  He had some personal bests and a personal low.  He had a “vaultastrophe” (my new made up word); however, he wasn’t hurt and is okay. We will take the new low score and be thankful for his safety.  He took first in rings and high bar, tied for second on floor but took third, took second on parallel bars, and third on pommel. His low vault score messed up his All Around score.  Again, we are just thankful he wasn’t hurt.

I’m going to blame my husband for a lack of pictures.  He is our official photographer/videographer at the meets.  He takes pictures during warm up and tapes the actual event.  We must have been too busy talking during warm ups. [My husband told me the lighting wasn’t good in the gym which is why he doesn’t have pictures.]


J had practice for 14 hours this week.  Practice was cancelled Thursday because of the weather. We were very happy that he could get back into the gym on Friday. He gets a little stir crazy when there isn't school or practice.

On the Homefront
We spent last weekend traveling and sitting at the meet.  J checked in at 4:15, and we made it back to the hotel at 11:00.  

The day of the meet it snowed quite a bit, so traveling to the venue was slow.   This is a picture from our hotel room.  The parking lot had already been cleaned once.


This was supposed to be a fairly boring week which would have been okay.  My husband was supposed to have a church meeting Tuesday night so I had drop off and pick up duty.  I just stayed in the area and hung out at Starbucks.  Gave me time to read and write.  I ended up doing that; however, the church meeting was cancelled because of weather (our weather people missed this one).  J and I drove in some bad weather.  It was worse the closer we came to our house.

Since we had more snow days, it was still a boring week but a different kind of boring.  We hung out and relaxed.  We shoveled A LOT of snow, and our snow shovel was shared with the neighbors again. We tackled a few unfinished tasks around the house.  

The other day I purchased some more items for S’s graduation party.  Decoration purchases are almost done.  There are some projects we need to continue to work on since we had the opportunity to start some this week, and we will order food as the date gets closer.  Let the fun begin!

What did I write this week?

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  1. Graduation is coming up quick! It's hard to believe that the school year will soon be over! Sorry about the vaultastrophe, but glad no one was hurt!