Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sent in My Senior's Paperwork

What a week it has been!  We started the week in Aruba and ended by sending in S’s homeschool paperwork for his senior year.

Last full day of vacation.  We spent the majority of the day at the beach enjoying the waters of the Caribbean.  No one in the family was ready to leave.  It is the one place we all agree that we could stay longer.

Travel day.  We started by having breakfast at The Dutch Pancake House in Oranjestad.  We had not eaten at this restaurant on other trips, but it quickly became a new favorite on this trip.  The food was delicious!  My new favorite treat is poffertjes. Yummy!

After that, we headed to the airport.  The Aruban airport is one that you need to be at early because there are a number of lines that you must go through.
1.  Ticketing:  We use the kiosk because we are a carry-on kind of family.
2.  A line to make sure you have your boarding passes and passports.
3.  Aruban Immigration
4.  Security
5.  US Customs
6.  Security
7.  At the gate and waiting

Our flight only took off 30 minutes late this trip.  We had a 3 hour layover in Atlanta which gave us enough time for Jamba Juice and supper.  We ended up with an additional 30 minute delay. We spent time at 3 different gates.  It didn’t take us long to fall asleep on the plane.  We arrived in Richmond around midnight.  By the time we got off the plane and got our vehicle, we made it home around 1:45.

My husband made it to work.  I felt bad that he had to get up, so I got up and headed to the grocery store.  We had a loaf of bread in the house, so I didn’t think that would go too far with the teenage boys.  I finished up laundry also.  J had practice that night, so we rolled right back into normal.

Back at it!  S had an Ophthalmology appointment with a new doctor (a friend of ours from church).  It went well.  His vision has changed, so we will be ordering new glasses next week.  S is going back in August to “play with” some Low Visions toys/tools.  He might be at the point where he is going to get a Moderate Low Vision diagnosis/label.  Not sure about that.  We will have to discuss that and make sure S is on board.

J had a dentist appointment in the afternoon. It was his last appointment with the pediatric dentist.  The staff has been wonderful.  Fortunately, the adult dentist and J’s orthodontist are all part of the same practice, so we will continue to see them.  After his appointment, he headed up to practice.

I headed to the gym this morning before my appointment this afternoon.  Fun, fun, fun.

The highlight of the day was mailing S’s senior year homeschool paperwork to the school district! Yeah!  He is excited about his senior year.  We have a plan for his courses although we have had to tweak them a little bit.  He was going to take a couple of courses at a co-op he attended his sophomore year.  They are going through some changes, and we don’t think it is going to work out. Oh well!  On to Plan B - roll with the punches.

S worked on math this afternoon.  He does math year round.  He knows that when this course is finished he will be done with high school math!  Definitely an incentive.

J had practice again tonight.  My husband and S are attending the Virginia Shakespeare Festival watching Julius Caesar.  We met in Williamsburg for supper, and they went to the play.  We took S last year to see Richard III, and he thoroughly enjoyed it.  He has been asking all year when it started again.  Hard not to take him to see Shakespeare.

I am hanging at Starbucks until J is done with practice.  We will head home and hang out for a little bit.  He has Saturday morning practice, so we are back out the door at 8:15.

Now that I am back to reality, you know where to find me - on the couch with chocolate.

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