Friday, July 25, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up (We already have a curriculum change.)

What a busy week we have had at our house!  I guess it has been a normal week then.  They all seem to be crazy - some more than others.

Curriculum change:
For starters, we have already made a curriculum change for S’s senior year.  After looking at other’s posts, I looked up the Brave Writer ( curriculum. Writing is an area that I want to make sure S has a solid foundation.  I liked the idea of some of the online course options, so we decided that he would take one or two online classes.  They line up perfectly with work I had planned and our timeline.  Prior to the online courses, he is going to work through the "Help for High School" course to make sure he is on track with the style of this program. He worked on Module 1 this week.

VBS Prep:
We have VBS at our church next week.  Our family heads up Registration.  This is our sixth year of doing it.  The previous two years I have said I was not doing it any more.  I have been saying it a lot this year.  Think I really mean it this time.  It’s a lot of time and work on our part.  This week I have sent 29 emails out regarding various Registration issues and received 29 emails regarding VBS issues.  Everyone in our house helps, but I think it is time to pass the baton.  

The boys had three appointments this week.  
1.  J’s hip had been bothering him, so he went to see the chiropractor.  It didn’t take very long with her, and he felt much better.  He often wants to put off going to see her, but he always feels so much better afterwards.
2.  S had a dentist appointment for a cleaning.  He has been complaining about his 10:00 appointment and how ridiculous it was to have a morning appointment.  I told him he could make his own appointment next time.  The other day he realized he had picked the 10:00 time slot because Rachel Ray is on then, and there are TVs at the dental chairs.  Ha!  Not my fault!
3.  J had a physical appointment.  We only realized he needed it because he needed medication refilled.  He has attended gymnastics camp the previous 5 years, so he always went in for a camp physical.  This year he decided not to go to camp, so he didn’t go in for a physical.

Both boys have volunteered this past week.  S put in 4 hours at the Casemate Museum.  J volunteered 6 hours with a family friend at her stables.  

J had 18 hours of gymnastics practice and the end of the year party.

J is flying to Minnesota next week to spend time with family.  Other than a niece who lives in Tennessee, everyone else lives in Minnesota.  It is important to us that our boys get alone time with grandparents and other family members.  They have been taking their individual trips for a number of years.  It has been good for them.  This is J’s first year making connections as an unaccompanied minor.  He has been traveling his whole life, so he’s a pro.  We are trying to finalize trip plans for him.

The highlight of this week was celebrating my 26th anniversary!  I can’t believe I am old enough to have been married 26 years.  We did marry young (19 and 20), but it is still hard to comprehend.  It’s been quite a journey with my husband, and I can’t imagine it any other way.

Because of J’s practice schedule, our family went out to eat the day before our anniversary so we could all celebrate together.  On the actual day of our anniversary, my husband and I were like two ships passing in the night.  Between dropping off and picking up J at practice and S at Youth Group, we did manage to meet up for a quick supper.

I will be resting on the couch with chocolate.

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