Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Transitioning with DARS Part 2

After receiving notification that S qualified for the Vocational Rehab Program, he had to meet with his counselor again to create an Individualized Plan for Employment.  

He had to tell his counselor his educational plans and what he wanted to study.  He had to tell her what kind of job he wanted (Military Analyst) and where he thought he would be employed (Federal Government).

We have talked about this at home, and he is having some difficulty accepting that he is in this phase of life - college, job, moving out, becoming financially independent.  It has become more real this past year as some of his friends graduated, and he listens to their stories.

This was a good meeting.  Also, his counselor went over his responsibilities to achieve his goals (attending appointments, taking his medication, attending class, achieving a good GPA, etc).  This makes it all very real to him, and he knows that he is responsible for achieving his goals.  As I told him, we are all here to help him but we can’t do it for him.  It is up to him.

I will continue to support him in his endeavors while I am on the couch with chocolate.

[Side note:  Since this time, S has talked about some other career ideas.  If he changes his mind, he needs to meet with his counselor to make sure that everyone at DARS is on the same path as he is to help him achieve his goals.  Right now, he is in the information gathering phase and praying about different options.]

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