Friday, March 20, 2015

7 Weeks Left - Ready for a Busy Weekend

The Senior
Can you guess what I’m going to write?  S had a productive week working on the usual: College Algebra (another assessment - the end is in sight), daily journal writing, editing, German IV, History, and writing his research paper.  He finished his rough draft!  Woo hoo!! Next week, he will edit and submit.  

We are hoping he did better on his paper this time, so he doesn’t have to do another one. If he is having struggles, he has time to write another one.  As we told him, we feel that strongly about him having the skills to write a research paper that we will keep working on it if need be. (Confession time:  My husband and I snuck a quick peek at his paper.  It needs to be edited, but we are pleased with it.)

S had a chiropractic appointment on Monday.  On Wednesday, he and I attended a Lunch in Time on the Construction of Fort Monroe.  It was quite interesting. The Volunteer Coordinator from the museum recognized him from a training meeting that was held jointly with the Casemate Museum, and she was talking to him about volunteering at their museum also.  

He had Youth Group that night followed by the Lenten service.  During Youth Group, there was discussion about his future and his uncertainty over it.  There was a lot of praying for him that night.  Prayer is good!  

We received S's graduation announcements yesterday! We are very happy with how they turned out. J did a good job. Even S thought they were nice. Maybe we will address them during Spring Break.

He has horseback riding this morning, and it is rainy.  It is a new session, and that means a different instructor and a different time.  He has had this instructor before, and he likes her; however, he has a FAVORITE instructor that he was really hoping to have again.  

S is not volunteering this weekend since we are going out of town for J’s gymnastics meet in northern Virginia.  S is going with us because he has a horse show on Sunday.  On our way home, we will swing by the barn for the horse show.  I need to remember to keep his helmet in the van after his lesson today.  
I found out yesterday that he is slotted for an 11:15 riding time.  We had requested late afternoon knowing that we would be up in northern Virginia.  I asked if they could move him to a later slot.  I guess I will find out at his lesson.  If not, we will be up and on the road early Sunday.  So much for my trip to IKEA before we head back.

The Sophomore
J had a good week at school.  He met with his counselor to register for classes next year.  He will be taking Honors English (He was recommended for AP English but he told his counselor no.), AP Calculus, AP US History, Honors Physics, Personal Finance, Photography II, and Digital Photography/Web Design.  Can you tell he is in an Arts Magnet Program?  The Art classes will help balance some of the other classes.  I’m not sure how much help we will be in Calculus, and I know I won’t be any help with Physics.  

J had a good week at school.  He had a Driver’s Ed project due and completed that. Other than that, his homework load wasn’t too crazy this week.  Thank goodness!

J had a good practice week - 14 hours.  They are taking tonight off because the state meet is tomorrow.  J feels good about it.  He has been working his landings in practice and he has been vaulting quite a bit.  His coach changed up a few things in his routines, and J is comfortable with that.  

On the Homefront
It’s been a normal week - busy!  What else is new?  We are headed up to northern Virginia tonight, and the weather should be nicer than the last time we were up there (6 inches of snow). We are hoping to get to the Udvar-Hazy Center this time.  S hasn’t been there before.  

It is a weekend of activities for the boys. Saturday evening will be gymnastics, and Sunday will find us at S’s horse show.

I guess I should go get packed and get my gymnastics bag ready. It takes a lot to keep the parents entertained at the meets. We are there for HOURS!

What have I written/posted this week?
Visit with DBVI Vocational Rehab (guest post by my husband)
Once I am home from northern Virginia, you will find me on the couch with chocolate in between my loads of laundry.

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  1. I'm glad you're satisfied with S's paper! You all must be getting so excited about his upcoming graduation! J sounds brainy, athletic, and artsy! Oh please do not pass up a trip to IKEA! Our closest one is about 4 hours away! I have wanted to go for years and never get the chance. My daughter just got a kitchen table and chairs there for when she gets married! So nice!

    1. There is so much happening here and everything is coming quickly. There is a lot of excitement in our house. We did pass on the trip to IKEA because J found a Jamba Juice nearby that we could get to on our way home. He really likes JJ and they are few and far between here. We have the opportunity to get to IKEA next month, so that will be done for sure! We love IKEA!