Friday, March 13, 2015

8 Weeks Left - Graduation Prep

The Senior
It has been a busy, productive week for S.  I feel like I write the same thing every week for what he has worked on.  I guess when you are a senior with only 8 weeks of class left and you are trying to wrap things up, there won’t be a lot of change.

What did he work on?
College Algebra
Daily journal writing and editing
German IV
History-He’s trying to prolong this course.
Reading Without You, There is No Us

S has started writing his research paper.  This one seems to be going better than his last one.  
  1. He did a better job with his notes (Taking notes from a printed source were better than notes from the computer - forced to paraphrase).
  2. He has a good outline.  
  3. He color coded his notes to correlate with his outline.  It is easy to find the notes that correspond to various topics in his outline.

S Plans to Move
S had a chiropractor appointment on Monday.  He hadn’t been to the chiropractor in 4 weeks because of weather.  He was looking forward to his appointment.  He has now started making plans to just move into the clinic.  He feels if he has access to the vibracussor, massage beds, and the massage chair that he just found there then life would be good.  

Of course, the staff there doesn’t help the situation.  They were telling him what they have for breakfast every day.  One worker said he would install a toothbrush holder in one of the bathrooms for him.  The chiropractor said they would put a sign on one of the bathrooms, “The King’s Throne.”  It’s good to be loved.  

Enjoying the massage chair.

S had Youth Group Wednesday evening and then he and my husband attended the Lenten service at church (see below why I didn’t go).  Today he is volunteering for 3 hours since he doesn’t have horseback riding.  He will volunteer for 4 hours tomorrow.

S finished his SSI application this past weekend.  This weekend he will be creating his own binder with all of his documents related to SSI, paperwork from DBVI and DARS, and other papers.  I have maintained the Great Big Book of S for 14 years.  It is time to pass the torch.

The Sophomore
J had a full week of school - no early release, no delays, and no snow days!  He had an oral Spanish presentation on Monday.  He and his partner volunteered to go first, and they received 5 bonus points.  It is finished and bonus points - a good day in Spanish!  He had a number of tests this week.  He has an English project due next week along with AP History questions and writings.  
He also filled out his wish list for courses next year.  We had talked about that during one of his snow days, so he was prepared.  It’s hard to believe he is planning courses for his Junior year!

J was supposed to go on an Art field trip to Washington DC this week; however, it was pushed to next week.  Since he would miss practice that day, he had to make the decision if he was going to still go on it since the state gymnastics meet is next Saturday.  He opted to pass on the field trip and go to practice.  

J had a full week of practice - 17.5 hours.  They have been working basics and new skills.  We attended the college meet last Sunday, and there is another one tomorrow night.  His coach likes J to attend and see the skills the college gymnasts are doing.  It is good motivation.

On the Homefront
“If you are trying to get from (name of city I was in) to (name of city I live in), good luck!”
This is what I heard on the radio after dropping J off at practice Wednesday evening.  Are you kidding me?  I have 3 options for my drive home:  the Interstate and 2 different highways. Every one of the routes was scarlet colored on Google Maps.  I called my husband and told him I was staying.

“Do you have anything to do?”
“I have my phone with my Kindle app, so I will go hang out at Starbucks.”

I was thankful I was dressed decently since I have been known to do the practice drop off in my yoga pants, old t-shirt, Crocs with socks, no jacket.  I was presentable.  Must maintain the standard at Starbucks.


Here is a picture of what I had to entertain myself with for 3.5 hours.  I was glad I was able to scrounge up a charger and cord in my van.  I guess it pays not to get everything put away immediately.  The umbrella was for the rainy weather.

On Thursday, I received the following text from J.  


Not a problem except the library doesn’t have any available copies.  Off to Barnes and Noble I ran.

Last weekend J helped create three different announcements for S’s graduation (commencement is on June 13).  We need one for the party in Minnesota on June 28, one with a special thank you note for providers/educators who have helped S get to this point throughout the years (we didn’t get this far without help), and one to send to friends who aren’t in/near Minnesota.  They are ordered!  One more thing to check off the list.  Now, I need to get everyone’s addresses.  I have time, so it will get done.

Tonight my husband and I were going to have date night; however, he had to go to Washington DC for work.  He may or may not be back in time.  If not, I will have drop off and pick up.  We will be at the college gymnastics meet tomorrow night.  

If you need some entertaining reading, stop by my husband’s blog for this week’s post, The Lexicon Kerfuffle.

What did I write this week?
Therapy in the Kitchen
If I can get from here to there, you will find me on the couch with chocolate!

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  1. You guys must be getting so excited about the graduation! S looks so happy and comfy in that chair. No wonder he wants to move in there! I hope everything goes smoothly with his SSI app. One of my older sons has autism and it has been very helpful! Bethany used to get it too when my husband was unemployed for awhile. Soon We'll have to re-apply for her again! J sounds very dedicated to his Gymnastics. I'm sure he'll do well at the meet!

    1. We are excited about graduation. Our family is happy that we are having the party in Minnesota so everyone can celebrate with us. J is very dedicated and self motivated with his gymnastics. S is tired of all the paperwork that he has had to do lately. I can understand that.

  2. I'm just stopping by from Weekly Wrap up. Graduation seems so far off when your oldest is in the 4th grade, but congrats to your grad!

    1. Thanks! It seems like it wasn't that long ago that S was starting PreK. The time flies by so quickly. We are looking forward to celebrating with him.