Friday, March 6, 2015

9 Weeks Left and Gotcha Day Anniversary

The Senior
It has been a busy week for S.  Monday afternoon, he and his dad went to a 2+ hour meeting with the Vocational Rehab Counselor through the Department of Blind and Vision Impaired (DBVI).  There was a lot of information that was discussed in that amount of time.  Considering S wasn’t excited about attending the meeting, he admitted that it was a good meeting.  

Of course, he had schoolwork.  He took another College Algebra assessment.  He’s hoping to be done with that course around the time of Spring Break.  Then he can apply for ACE credit for that course.  We would like to have that done before he takes his placement tests at the community college.

He also worked on his research paper which is due by the end of the month, History, German IV, and continued daily journal writing.  In addition to all of the senior school stuff, we took time to enjoy some Dr. Seuss books this week in honor of Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  We read The Cat in the Hat, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Yertle the Turtle, The Butter Battle Book, The Sneetches, Oh the Places You’ll Go! (the theme of his graduation party), and Dr. Seuss Goes to War (my history nut).  You are never too old for his books!  

Yesterday was the 14th anniversary of S’s Gotcha Day.  That is always a special day at our house.  Since J had practice, we had a family celebration on Sunday.


S was supposed to have Youth Group Wednesday night; however, traffic was horrible for my husband, so he didn’t make it home in time to get S to church.  He was supposed to have horseback riding today; however, that was cancelled because of icy roads and an icy parking lot at the facility. He starts his new session in two weeks. He will be volunteering tomorrow for one shift.

The Sophomore
J had a good week at school.  He was tired though.  It was supposed to be a full week, but they had an early release on Thursday because of impending weather. It wasn't as bad as they predicted, so Friday was a 2 hour delay. He was glad they didn't have another snow day. When the kids are tired of snow days, you know you have had too many of them.

J was SLAMMED with homework though!  He had a take home AP History test (78 multiple choice questions and 6 or 7 writing questions).  He had a Chemistry test.  He had a Driver’s Ed. quiz.  He has an upcoming Math test.  He has AP History questions due.  He has an English project due. He survived though!  Spring Break will be here in 4 weeks.

He had a good week at practice.  He has been practicing his vault quite a bit after the vaultastrophe. He practiced 13 hours.  He went late on Tuesday, so he could get his homework done.  His coach and his wife are extremely supportive of the gymnasts getting their schoolwork done.  When I texted the coach’s wife to tell her that J would be late, her response was, “Make sure he finishes all of his homework.”  Practice was cancelled Thursday because of weather.

On the Homefront
It has been busy here.  We are in crunch mode trying to get things in order for S for next year. The amazing part of crunch time is that we started all of this early.  It didn’t just appear on our plate.  It is a process we have been working on for a while.  It just seems like a lot of it needs to be done NOW.  

S’s meeting on Monday went well. The Vocational Rehab Counselors reinforced many things we have been telling him that need to be done.  Hopefully this weekend we will finish his SSI application.  He needs to apply to HandiRide for transportation.  Contrary to what he thinks and “suggested” to me, I am not going to drop everything and haul him around to wherever he needs to go next year and the years to come.  He also needs to coordinate some things between his Vocational Rehab Counselors at DBVI and DARS.  It will all get done.  We have a list!

What else has been happening here?  My husband had a church meeting the other night, so I had drop off and pick up duty.  I went to my favorite Starbucks only to find out they were closing early that evening for renovations.  I had to go to a different one.  I don’t like the seating there.  I had some very chatty college girls sitting near me.  I decided I should have just taken my ipad and my “Great Big Book of S’s School” binder into the bathroom and worked since I couldn’t hear them in there.

Sunday afternoon we are going to a college gymnastics meet.  That will be fun.

What did I write this week?

You will find me on the couch with chocolate working on our to-do list with S!  Have a good week!

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  1. That's so cool that S's Graduation party is Dr. Seuss themed! Funny how our kids think we live to cart them around isn't it? I'm sure S will enjoy becoming more and more independent. It's great that J's coach values his education like that!