Thursday, March 26, 2015

Therapy with Games

During our many snow days last month, we played a lot of games.  When J pulled out the game Trouble, it took me back to a time in Alabama when we realized S couldn’t push the bubble on the game to roll the die.  His Occupational Therapist told me to bring the game to therapy, and they would work on it.

Any type of game is beneficial for S because of the fine motor skills involved - holding cards, sorting cards, rolling dice, organizing and manipulating dominos, pushing the bubble on the Trouble game, moving game pieces.  Games can also be beneficial for vocabulary, math skills, logic, and strategy.  Games involving speed tasks are difficult for S.  Pictionary is a challenging game for him also; however, it is still beneficial.

S tends to pick dice games over card games.  He enjoys cards but manipulating the cards can be a task.  We have two different card holders for him.  He prefers the one that holds the cards in a straight line.  It is easier to put them in.


He also enjoys playing dominos.  We have domino holders to help organize his dominos and make it easier to manipulate them without knocking them over.  He will not create a train for his dominos.  Not sure why.  If we help him create one, he doesn’t follow it.  

Games in Minnesota
When we were in Minnesota for Christmas, we played a lot of games.  During one card game, my cousin, who had worked on her doctoral degree in Special Education, was sitting next to S. She just kept shaking her head.

The following conversation took place between my cousin and me:
What’s up?
I just can’t figure this out.
I have no idea how he is organizing his cards.  I can’t figure it out.  It doesn’t make any sense.

S laughed because he was beating all of us at this point.  He then proceeded to tell us, “I am an enigma and can’t be figured out.”

Although playing games is fun, it is also a great tool for therapy.  Fun and good for my child.  I like that combination!

S’s Favorite Games
Fill or Bust
Spinner Dominos
Apples to Apples
In a Pickle
Ticket to Ride

I will be on the couch with chocolate enjoying some family fun time.

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