Friday, March 27, 2015

Gymnastics, Horse Show, Break

On the Homefront
I am mixing my format up this week!  I figured that I should explain how crazy busy last weekend was in order to wrap everything up for the week.

Friday night we headed up to northern Virginia for J’s state gymnastics meet on Saturday.  We slept in Saturday and headed over to the Udvar Hazy Center which is an annex of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Center.  My husband, J, and I have been there before. S had not.  He loved it!  For my history loving son, there isn’t anything much more exciting than seeing World War II aircraft.



After a late lunch at Saladworks, we headed out for J’s meet.  He had a great meet!  After the meet, we ran to Starbucks and then ordered pizza.  We ate at 11:15 that evening.  Sunday morning we were up because we needed to be back for S’s horse show.  I was able to get his time slot changed from 11:15 to 2:00.  That was wonderful.  We could leave a little bit later.  It allowed us time to stop at Quantico for Jamba Juice.  It’s the little things in life that make us happy.  


We arrived an hour ahead of time for the horse show which gave us time to visit with other families and staff at the arena.  The weather was very nice for the show.

That brings us to Monday.  We were all quite tired on Monday.  It was a fairly routine week which was nice other than my husband coming home sick from work on Wednesday.

This weekend will be more relaxing than last weekend.  Thank goodness!  

The Senior
S was not excited about having to go up to northern Virginia with us; however, he had a great time at the Udvar Hazy Center.  He is ready to go back for a longer visit.  He enjoyed looking into the restoration hangar area.

He rode well at his horse show.  He has come a long way since he started riding out there. One of his former instructors was there to watch, so that was nice.  His side walker was able to be there since they switched his time to the later slot, so he was quite happy about that.



This week for school S finished his research paper!!!  He continued to work on College Algebra, History, daily journal writing, editing, and German IV.  He is almost done with the book, Without You, There is No Us.  He is on a 2 week break right now.  I’m sure he will be keep busy watching History videos and sleeping.

S has been busy finishing up some of the life paperwork things he needed to do.  He filled out his application for transportation on Sunday.  He also needed his doctor and ophthalmologist to fill out some papers for the application process.  He received an email Wednesday evening saying it had been processed and approved! Amazing!  Now, we just need to figure out how it all works.

He looked at some Career Interest websites since he will need to create his plan for employment with Vocational Rehab.  He gathered some documents together for his SSI application. He's getting quite annoyed with all of the processes and paperwork.  I understand, but it all needs to be done.  It was encouraging to hear back so quickly on his transportation paperwork.

S had a chiropractor appointment on Monday. He will start going every 2 weeks instead of every week. He has horseback riding this morning and will volunteer 4 hours on Saturday.

The Sophomore
I have to start J’s section off with an update on his state meet.  If you will allow one very proud mother to gush a little, stay with me.  He had the best meet of his season!  He improved his score in 4 of the 6 events and his All Around score.  He took 9th on floor, 11th All Around, and 1st on Parallel Bars!  This mother may or may not have been screaming, hooting, and hollering quite a bit!  He qualified for the Regional meet which will be next month.

IMG_7796 - Version 2.JPG

Thanks to my husband for taking pictures and video taping the events.  My job is to text scores to family, friends, and our coach’s wife.

In addition to his exciting weekend, J had AP History homework to complete.  He had a Driver’s Ed test, an AP History test, and a Chemistry test this week.  He has an AP History project due on Monday and a Spanish project due on Tuesday, so he will be busy this weekend.  Can you tell the end of the quarter is coming? I promised Starbucks as a treat.  He has one week left of school before he is on break.

This week J had 17.5 hours of practice.  He is working on some new skills to include at the next meet.

What did I write this week?

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  1. Just one more week of school! Then a much needed break. Enjoyed the horses. I'm visiting from Weekly Wrap Up.

    1. Enjoy your break! My son who attends public school will be on break next week. He can't wait!

  2. Chocolate...couch...Oh, what was I reading? LOL Your weekend was crazy busy, huh? but what memories! Jamba juice? You have some talented young men - gymnastic and horses!

    1. It was a crazy weekend! We had a lot of fun though!

  3. S looks very happy to be horse back riding! Congrats on the blue ribbon! Congrats to J on his awesome meet! 1st on Parallel bars!! whoot whoot!

    1. Thanks Sylvia! They both had a great time doing the activities they love.